Xfinity Abuses Your Privacy

April 9, 2020
Today I tried to call Xfinity to pay my bill and became engaged with the bot. The conversation went something like this.

Bot: Who are you and what are calling about? Although, I see you are calling from your primary home number. I want to you to enter it again, so I can waste all your time and because I am a total dick. Now enter in your house number, your zip code, your social security number. I see it’s you, and you can’t talk to a person. Only people who never used our service before get to speak to person, so they can be fooled.

The next time they call the autobot will take the call. The Xfinity autobot is a retarded machine. Its goal is to wear you down with endless requests and demands. Demands like would you decide if you to particulate in a survey before you get to talk to anyone? After many demands and requests, you get another recording, that you can’t speak to person because you must to go online and try to pay your bill that way. Why does this matter so much to Xfinity? Today we look at the reason why Xfinity is behaving this way.

I went online to try and pay my bill, but it’s impossible to login. Xfinity app on your phone is a dangerous spyware. Have you ever tried to log into so called free Xfinity Wi-Fi? Of course you have, and it never works.

Did Xfinity try to give you an email that is your full name and address? So, if my name is David Woodleaf my Comcast email is Davidwoodleaf666@comcast. Anyone who knows your name and address knows your Comcast email. Good thing I never use it. The non-English speaking phone rep could not spell my name and created a misspelled name email. So I don’t use that email. It’s a misspelling and will never be known.

I can’t decide which app is worse the Xfinity or the Verizon App. I don’t use either one of them. I try to uninstall them. I also refuse to use the Wells Fargo App. They want you to transition doing all the work yourself so they can save money. I think the Verizon phone version app does not even allow you uninstall it because it is spying on everything you do online so they can target you with junking adds and send spam to your email and your phone with multiple times a day with messages like:

“Do you want Pay For View Programs? We see you have not spent the maximum amount of money you can spend much more ignore the channels included and buy many more show and channels.”

For time to time we Xfinity sends nagging emails, even if you paid your bill early to make you log into your account and log in over and over. The emails don’t say anything, so you won’t know what we want, until you log into your account. Once you log in, they send cookies to your computer. You had better go and delete them. These cookies track where you go on the web and pick up ideas about you such as, this woman is a fat and she is interested in crazy fad diets, doing a million squats per day and wearing a vibrating suit to shake off her fat. Then you will notice fat suits following you around in ads online. Even if Xfinity does not care if you buy a fat suit, they get paid by fat suit companies to use your information.

Are you doing anything weird online? They will know how many times you went to look at certain illegal things. Did you try to make a connection online to buy drugs? They will know this if you did not delete the cookies each time you go to the website. Nothing may come of this, but something bad could happen.

I am just throwing out the possibility of what they could do to you. You won’t find it was any one in particular company who betrayed you, but something could happen like you will be fired, or your friends will refuse to speak to you, or maybe suddenly you will be detained and your vehicle searched. You will never know which company leaked that information.

Do you want to communicate online with someone else about something illegal? Maybe they did not delete their cookies? Gmail can read all of your email whenever it wants. You have to worry that other people are not using a secure Vin platform. Never discuss anything illegal in an email or message. It is just not safe, even if its Snap Chat. The police can still read what you wrote by court order. But don’t worry be happy, install lots of apps and have many cookies on your computer. Just to pay your Xfinity bill, in a way that is cheaper and easier for Xfinity. Remember you work for them and they make all the rules.

Here is a statement that Xfinity makes on their website about privacy. It says there is no privacy. Quote taken from the Xfinity website on April 9, 2020.

“We may share information we collect about your household with separate Comcast companies that do not share the Xfinity brand. The information we share is at the household level and does not identify you or include your address. Our affiliates may use this information for research, analytics and advertising.”

“Our affiliates” means the fat suit company or other companies will also know everything about and they will build up a profile on you. This profile build over time has information like you have gambling addiction, so here is a discounted on a trip to Las Vegas. You like to buy guns. There is a gun show coming up or go to this website to learn more about buying more guns. You are into alternative medicine, here are herbs you can buy online.

Xfinity says you can opt out only but filling out a form that is likely a trick form. Using that form will make you look like you have something to hide from Xfinity. Rather then having the default being opt out, the default is opt in. Opting out can only be achieved by time spent work and research.

In the second part we look at the terms and conditions and find this statement on the Xfinity website.

“We keep your personal information for different lengths of time depending on the type of information and the business and legal requirements. For example, if you are a customer, we keep information that personally identifies you as long as you subscribe to one or more of our Services. If you no longer subscribe to a Service, we still may need that information for business and legal requirements, such as to protect against fraud, calculate taxes, or respond to legal requests. Other information is deleted automatically after a set period of time, often set by law, unless we are legally required to hold it longer, such as for pending litigation. We destroy, de-identify, or anonymize the information when it is no longer needed in identifiable form.”

You notice the above statement is written in goobily gook. The more they are trying to pull over on you, the more confusing and legal terms will be used in the wording.
“Legal request” is when the police want information, or someone is suing you. Pending litigation means the DA needs this information to build a case against you. Opting out probably makes alarm bells go off. Why would opt out if you were above board? Xfinity has access to everything you do online as they are your company Internet even if you never logged in to them or accepted cookies from them. The only solution would be to use a Vin Service. I have never used one myself, so can’t say which one to use. A Vin Service anonymizes your and data by sending through different channels. They can still read your data on the other end, but they will not be able to trace the data back to you. That is how it works ideally, but I am not sure it’s safe either. This reminds of the so called “Do Not Call List.” Each time I signed up for it, it only increased the number of spam phone calls. Now I never try to sign up for it, because it only means they will know they have a live sucker on the line that they can start to reel in.

Here all the Cookies Xfinity Sent to me just to pay that bill online

Paperless Billing is brainwashing. They want you to use paperless billing so they can save money on mailing you a bill, but they want to choose it by guilting you about the environment.

“Get your full monthly bill right to your email inbox instead of in the mail. EcoBill lets you view and pay your bill right online. It’s faster, easier, and cuts down on clutter. And since it’s paperless, you can help save trees!”

EcoBill is a weasel word invented by the marketing people who get paid more than you. “It’s better to login our website and accept cookies so we can sell your data because that makes profit for us!” Normally, I would want to do anything to help the environment, but I don’t want to give up my rights for privacy to do that. I used to pay my bill at the Comcast Office in Ukiah and now its closed down due to coronavirus. This way I did not have to waste a stamp.

The best way to defeat these companies is to never buy anything online you see from an ad. In spite of all their tricks and scams, ultimately you are not being a sucker consumer online will do the most to hurt them back. If you buy a fat suit because they “suggested” it, you are only rewarding them for their treacherous deceit. Getting a Vin does not really hurt them as much as not buying stupid junk online. If everyone in the world followed this solution at least there would be less incentive for these companies to abuse your privacy.

In a bonus we comment on a comment left by Adam B.

Adam B | 2019-08-07
The worst company in America, so toxic they had to change the name. Philly hates them. The customer service is so bad I actually have to sit in silence to gather myself before I call, because I know it will be such a trainwreck of an experience.

Adam has hit the nail on the head. Calling Xfinity is so bad that I tend to put it off as long as I possible can. I paid every other bill since CoronaVirus with ease. My service is unreliable.  It often freezes and become very slow for no reason throughout the day. I could have gone with another provider, but at the time I liked the new DVD Rs they had called the X1. When they told me they could not and would not install high speed cable TV in Ukiah, I changed to Dish, but I don’t use Dish anymore. If I had foresight I would have gone with a different Internet Company, but there are not many choices. AT&T is every bit as bad. For about a year lying Xfinity promised me and X1 Box if I just waited long enough. They had no plans to bring Digital TV to Ukiah. The old DVR is grainy with non digital picture and sound. Now I don’t even want a DVR anymore. I have been using Sling. Sling TV does not cost very much, but is not worth that much. A DVR even a good one is a lot of work. You have to set up timers and delete old programs.

If someone created a descent and ethical Internet start up, I am sure they would do great. One that respects your privacy. One that does not trick you into going on to their vile website.  One that does not try to make you use an retarded email based on your name and address. One that does NOT have an app. No spyware app to download. I might have willing to be nicer to Xfinity if they were willing to give me the X1 Box. But I can’t see any reason to love Grandfather’s DRV.

Just in case you want to see just how many cookies site sent you. You will shocked to find out even Word Press uses third party cookies. If you block third party cookies you can’t get into Word Press to edit or post on your account. If you using chrome I have pictures to show you how to view the cookies. They call them “site permissions” and not cookies, but if you click clear cookies they all get deleted. What if you want to just delete some but not all. This is a difficult thing to find as Google is deliberately hiding them from you.

There are three little dots in the corner that you click on open a menu for Chrome and then you click setting.

Go to site settings
click on site settings
Click “View Premissions” and don’t click the one marked cookies

Once you get that far you are in and you can search for individual cookies by the name of the site.

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