Woodleaf Dolls

April 6, 2020

I dressed up my Woodleaf Doll in causal clothes by Hunter Doll Fashions. I wrote a simple storyboard. This is my first one so don’t leave mean comments.

Woodleaf’s New Clothes


He used a Wish Box shaped like a Crown to wish for a girlfriend

Woodleaf Found Betsy
Woodleaf Purposes Marriage
Woodleaf Purposes Marriage
Woodleaf and Betsy Live Happily Ever After in the Doll Cabinet

Notes: How does a doll whose knees and elbows don’t bend purpose marriage?

Bonus Photo of Woodleaf’s Hunter Fashions. The trademark is at the bottom in the corner. The female dolls and clothes were called Pastiche; the males ones were called Pascal.

hunter fashions
Hunter Doll Fashions from England Pascal Boxed

Woodleaf knew these extremely rare clothes would help him succeed.

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