The Google Nest Conspiracy

Are one of the people on the Internet who really hates me? Now you can log into my home Nest and change the temperature of my house. Make me 100 degrees plus in the summer and air condition my winters!

I did not know when I bought a Nest it was already owned by Google, but they were pretending they did not own it to make people buy into it. I would not have wanted a Google Thermostat, and I would not have bought one. Recently Google made it impossible to keep using my Nest Login and ID. I have to use a Google Account to log into the Nest. Now many things online are connected to Google. You can probably figure out my Google ID and my username and password. I don’t have any home security cameras by Nest. I can only imagine how horrible that would be. Anyone who knows your Google ID can see you in your house and even talk to you with the speakers.

I did some research on the Anti Google Movement and I found a deleted website with a very reasonable post that explained what is wrong with Google. I am paraphrasing from that data.

At first Google was a nice sort of geeky nerdy fun thing that you could use to find stuff online like “How to wash your cat.” Then Google invented Gmail. It was free and anyone could use it. They made it seem exclusive and hard to get. You had to sign up to a waiting list to get Gmail.

I got Gmail and I did not like it very much. There was no block features only filters. If you did not know how to set up a filter, you had to learn. The filters only send it to spam which has to be checked. I said to myself, I will keep using Yahoo Mail. Next Google Invented Google Plus which no one really liked. Due to people not wanting to join Google Plus, they shut it down. They had to figure out new ways to make money, so they forced you to use a Google ID to get into the most basic website. If you need to log into a new website, they want to do it on Google. Eventually being lulled into a deep sleep by Google people have set up things so the Google ID is keeping your passwords and you sign into Google to even go online at all. This was not enough spying and snooping for them. They want to come into your home and control it. Soon they can control your car and everything else about your life.

It goes without saying that any device where you have to say Hey Google is listening to your every word because it needs to listen for the words “Hey Google”. But you knew that already.

With Google you come for the conveniences and you stay because you can’t leave.

The only way to protest is not a pay for any of their products. Do not use Youtube Premium services. Not get sucked into paying for subscriptions. Google needs people to give them money to survive. It’s like we are Mexico. We pay Google to build a wall to entrap us.


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