Dinner Party In Heaven

“Views are diverse about what Heaven, if it exists, will be like, even within a particular religion. Beliefs range from being able to do whatever you want, to watching sinners burn in hell, to singing praise and playing harps in the clouds, to a spiritual experience beyond comprehension, to a mere bodyless state of happiness. “ From The Rational Wiki

The Last Supper Concept is a fictional table in which you can seat a number of historical dead celebrities to visit with after you die. I have read several opinions of the concept of Heaven. It was stated that you can visit with any celebrity you want to talk with in Heaven and have Unlimited Time to spend with that person. So, I thought why not dream big and have a dinner party with 12 dead celebrity guests? You get to sit at the head of the table and each side sits 6 dead celebrity guests.

Who would you pick and how would you seat them? Do you worry that if you sat one next another they won’t get along? That should not happen. In Heaven there can be no disagreements so the seating order should not matter, but it’s fun to arrange them at the table.

Note: You can’t select any celebrity who is in Hell for misdeeds such as Hitler or OJ. Maybe that is a separate dinner party? If you are sure you are going to Hell, the concept is reversed and only evil people are allowed at the table so you have to pick from unsavory characters. Naturally, Hell’s Dinner Party would also be popular merely to ask these people why they did what they did. One would ask them why and then listen to their answer and then move on the next guest. Hell’s Dinner Party should be more like a cocktail party where you can walk up to each murderous figure and find out why they did it, and then move on to someone else without having them go on and on with justifications.

I have decided the Number One guest at my table will be John Lennon. I am thinking over who else to invite. I am thinking about Lincoln, David Bowie, William Burroughs and Kurt Cobain as other guests. I would have Bowie in between Burroughs and Kurt Cobain because Bowie gets along with both of them, but I don’t think Burroughs liked Kurt Cobain.

Now comes the tricky part do Burroughs and Kurt not get into Heaven based on what they did in life? I assume they made it into Heaven, and then added Andy Warhol for balance, but Bowie and Warhol don’t get along. I added Truman Capote thinking he would work well with Andy Warhol. I can’t add Allen Ginsberg for Burroughs because he did not accomplish enough significant works to over come his issues such as his membership in (NAMBLA) and Howl is just an mediocre poem. Everyone likes the opening lines, but after that there is not that much to Howl. Allen Ginsberg had some interesting other poems such as A Dream Record: June 8, 1955 which is a poem about Burroughs’s wife Joan.  I have decided to seat Joan next to Burroughs and the topic of conversation will be me asking Joan why she put the glass on her head as well as hearing Burroughs explain why he shot at it. So now I have Joan, Burroughs, Bowie, Kurt Cobain, Andy Warhol and Capote on one side of the table in that seating order.

Then on the other side of the table I would place older historical figures. Lincoln would be the foremost guest on the second side and I have to pick five others. I am thinking Leonardo da Vinci and William Shakespeare. There could be other choices that are more significant but the table is only based on how much they matter to me personally, so if someone is important, but not that interesting to me they don’t get seated.

I had a look at a list on The Guardian and it suggests I should add Plato and Aristotle, but should I add both of them as they are both related would this be over kill? It is also suggested I should add Beethoven and Mozart. Charlemagne is suggested but he is not that interesting to me. Maybe George Washington, but I don’t think he was that important. George Washington is something boring repeated over and over in school. He is the Father of Our Country. I don’t want this to be a boring party and George Washington would have a limited range of possible topics for discussion, other then the no king concept. George Washington had slaves, and he can’t sit near Lincoln so he is completely out.

I want to have HP Lovecraft because he had the most incredible imagination and his prose is so elegant, and I want David Foster Wallace, and PG Wodehouse. These authors would be seated so I can ask them about their works. Those three plus Lincoln makes four so I now can sit either Plato and Aristotle or Beethoven and Mozart. I have to pick one of either the philosophers or the musicians, so I would go with Plato and Beethoven.

Albert Einstein may be important, but he so smart that he would make a boring guest. I don’t think he was very social with people. Charlie Chaplin became Einstein’s friend and said that he was reserved, but prone to emotional outbursts. That would mean he would be boring at the party unless something upset him, and then he would cause a scene ruining the party. But, they said that can’t happen in Heaven. It would be terrible to have the party ruined by one guest doing something like screaming and knocking items off the table, over turning his chair and upsetting the rest of the guests.

I have to work on the menu and the courses. Do we want appetizers? But that should not matter as I don’t know if we actually eat in Heaven or just slip heavenly wine. Slipping makes me think that we could actually have cough medicine with Jolly Rancher candy, as we can have anything we want. What about having cocaine to get people talking and friendly? Bowie would try to hog all the cocaine and take it home with him. I am thinking of Lotus-eaters. We could have any vegetarian sort of food or plant to drink and nothing would be illegal. We can’t have any narcotic based opium like products because Kurt would take too much and stop talking. Heroin is not a social drug and all anti social drugs would be not allowed at the dinner party.

Maybe I should invite Vincent Van Gogh just to say, your work was under appreciated in your life time, and did you take LSD? Would his missing ear make people feel uncomfortable? I would like to have Frida Kahlo but then I would also want to add Henri Rousseau. Both of them could be place near Van Gogh.

I should put Martin Luther King next to Lincoln because could talk to each other and I would listen to what they say. I may have revise the list and the seating chart or have one then one dinner party inviting Lincoln multiple times. Does each party last forever or is it possible to have a series of different parties?

I want to spend most of my time with my family in Heaven, but will there also be time for other people. My family includes people in my family who died before I was born and I should have a large family party. There must be time for infinite family reunions.

Do people in Heaven keep abreast of current events on Earth? Would guest who died earlier have to filled in by guests who died later. If I had Brian Jones I would have to fill him in on the 70s which he missed. If I had Bon Scott I would have to fill him on the 80s. Maybe someone else filled them already in or maybe they just know all of the present time and future time as well? Lovecraft wrote about going to another realm in which time and death do not exist.

Jimi Hendrix would pair will with Kurt Cobain because they both played rock guitar.  Sam Cooke would be asked to sing a song that represents Heaven such as “You Send Me” because his voice is the perfect voice for gospel music. Once one hears Sam Cooke sing no other voice can compare. I would have to ask Sam Cooke about the circumstances involving his death. I could add Sam Cooke at the other end of the table across from me.

Suicide is said to disbar people from Heaven, so Kurt Cobain and David Foster Wallace may not be allowed, but I have challenge that. I would have Bruce Lee, but he could not placed near Quentin Tarantino (not yet dead), but I am planning ahead. In terms of planning ahead. Shatner and Nimoy would not be invited, although I am a Star Trek Fan due to Nimoy’s behavior at conventions and Shatner’s Twitter Feed. We all know enough about them and there is nothing more to ask them.

I don’t have enough women so I thought about it for a long time and I came up with Janis Joplin who would have a lot in common with John Lennon who I left out, although he was my first choice. Both John Lennon and Janus Joplin were artists when they were young. Then I came up with Marilyn Monroe, but then I thought I should seat her next to John Kennedy.  I also came up with Cleopatra who could be seated in between Julius Caesar and Mark Antony to make for some interesting conversation. Then I thought I should add Franz Kafka, but I don’t know if he would be a good conservationist, although I have read several biographies about him. I would pair him with Felice Bauer  who was his girl friend real life to see why they never got married.  Every time I think of a woman to add I find I want to add another man so the ratio of men to women is still unbalanced. But, Kafka created the chance to include a woman, and hopefully more woman will become apparent to me over time. I knew this would be a very difficult choice and I have not even gotten started with Movie Stars. I would need to add Humphrey Bogart and James Dean.  My favorite female Movie Star is Bette Davis, so that is an easy choice. I should probably have numerous parties. One for musicians, one for artists, one for writers, one for Movie Stars and one for historical figures creates five different parties.

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