Spam Comments on Blogger

I was looking for something that I had some information on and I found a post on Blogger. I read it and it seemed like the writer was a reasonable person, but she gave the same information and did not have any new information to share on the topic. I am like OK, I could still give her a “Like” for trying. But then I looked at the comments. The first comment was spam and then the replies to that comment was even more spam. There were more and more comments and all of them were spam, and I mean the worst spam. It was all misspelled as if it a non English Speaking Bot.  Because this was a medical post the spam went something like I have HIV, but I found a cure for it. Just email Drblankblank at gmail. Other spam read I have herpes or any other “issue” just email the same doctor.  Other issues include lost of loved one, lost of money, and so on. There were so many spam comments that it went on for pages and pages. I went to look at the bloggers profile and there is a picture there and a link to a Twitter account. It looks OK, superficially like this is a real person, but the last tweet is “Oh, I have not posted since 2018.” Was this person just not moderating the comments? I think she was approving them.

A spammer who was smart would set up a fake blog with little bits of unoriginal information on a hot topic, and then approve all the spam comments. I decided to report the spam comments, but it can not be done on Blogger. All I could do was report the post, but the post it looks fine. Blogger has no way to report spam comments and it’s left to the site owner.

If this person is a real person who wrote this article, the spam ruined her blog and even ruined her online reputation. I am not going to follow a fake profile on Twitter set up only to make it look like the spam blog is legitimate. If I saw that person interacting on Twitter and they looked real, I may have sent them a tweet to let them know, if case they just needed to delete those comments. But I thought what’s the point in trying? They are not around anymore, and if they are they are still likely to be a spammer or part of a larger spamming network to “Scam Rich Americans”. I used the pronoun they because in spite of a female name and photo, this person could be a woman or man or just anyone.

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