The Wacky Pirate Salon

September 20, 2019

There was a group that I attended two meeting of called The Wacky Pirate Salon in Oakland. Back when I was not keeping computer notes there was a website for it, but I don’t remember the URL. I used to get email and updates and things from them and one day it was just gone. The website was gone, and I never figured out what happened. It was unclear what the loosely termed club was about. It was people who wanted to get together and do things, but it was unclear what exactly or why we were meeting.  I wonder if I can guess the URL and find it in the Wayback Machine? The Wayback Machine used to crawl webpages, but it does not do that anymore. The only way to save webpages is to submit them. But, if you can’t remember the URL you can’t find the webpage in the Wayback Machine. I am thinking it could have been something like Wacky Pirate Salon dot com or maybe the Pirates were also connected to the color purple? Maybe I am just remembering the whole thing wrong. I don’t live near Oakland anymore, but I just wanted to know what happened to the group. Oh, and I used to go there with my friend John Paul Carabus because he liked going there more then I did. He would say it was so important for people to have salons. He was a hippy who liked the idea of Salons in general as people who are like minded get together and hang out. The thing is they need a club house.

A club house! I found out we are losing a club house here in Ukiah where I went to meetings. This reminded me to the Wacky Pirate Salon. I never got a message like the club is over and no more, it just all stopped and went away for mysterious reasons. I don’t know they did lose the club house or the salon space. I may have found it from fandom or maybe I found on Craigslist? I know when I told John Paul he insisted we go. I did not have any notes about it so I am assume it was in the late 90s.

Updated: There is nothing under Wacky Pirate Salon dot com or dot org or dot net, so it could have been something like maybe a geocities website?

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