Wikipedia References How To

Today we are learning how to make a reference (which is most commonly a website article) that you wish to post on an article about a favorite topic or person on Wikipedia.

After spends weeks working on the issue of references being stuck in in the middle of the page rather then going down the bottom of the page. I have worked out a system of steps, and I am posting them in hope of helping other people add reference and created archives sources for references. This will help Wikipedia have reliable reference for many years to come!

Always check the references. I have seen too many con people adding references that are incorrect and do not lead the topic in question. Since Wikipedia demands references, but very few people check the references or fix them many claims have fake references. If a reference on the web does not exist any longer place the dead link tag.

{{dead link}}

Instead of just deleting the reference, so people can look for an archived copy of the reference unless the reference now leads to illegal and harmful websites which can try to install a virus into the computer that goes to the webpage.

To add a web site reference use the template in source editor. The icon circled in red means cit and then you have to type in cite web to make the correct template appear.

This is different from the visual editor, which is easier to use, but references are no longer allowed to be added in the visual editor which makes them harder to add. That means people who can’t code or won’t code can’t add references. This is elitist and unfair.

Icons that appear once you click edit source

The insert template icon is circled in red.  This is the template wizard that you can use to create a reference if you don’t know how to code. When you move your mouse over the icons explanations will appear which tell you the names of the icons and what they do.

Sample Template for cite the web

Once it is all filled out in the proper format which looks like day month year 25 March 2019  Give the article a title (even if it does not have one) because if you don’t you will have to start all over again because they are hard to edit or else they can’t be edited. Keep your  typing in a document to save retyping it again and again if the process fails the first few times. You may have to do some tweaking and adjusting.  Once filled out the reference code will look like this in preview.

{{Cite web|url=|title=Mark Kostabi Still Hustling|last=Chun|first=Rene|date=25 March 2018|website=Artsy Net|archive-url=|archive-date=|dead-url=|access-date=}}

This entire code is then copy and pasted in between the reference tags.

reference icon
Insert a reference is added at the point in the article in which you want the footnote to appear.

Place your cursor at the exact spot in the article you want your Reference to appear as a number, you will not know which number the reference will be given until you click save.

Such as in the Elvis article: Elvis gained a lot of weight.  #  (place cursor here when you click the reference icon)

Which creates the reference tag

You copy and paste the template for the web citation within like this:


Once this is done and you click Save the reference should appear properly at the bottom of the page with all the other references.

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