No Time For New Bands

8/6/2019 Tuesday

It seems as if there are so many fun things going on everywhere and the ability to find out and target those fun things is great, but the possibility of going to see all those oldies bands is remote unless one is living in an RV and traveling around the country. Everyday and every night there is a show, concert, or museum exhibit somewhere that would be interesting. Not only is it impossible to do even portion of these events, even noticing them takes too much time. I may see some band that is touring. Then I have to find a list of cities that they are coming to see if any are near me, and make a decision to travel to the city and place. This means researching the band to see if they are still any good. Are they the original line up? Did the singer lose his voice? Then I have to research places to stay, places to eat, the travel details. Then on top of this there are bands that are terrible that want me to see them. Too many people are promoting things I am not interested in. They want me to just listen for a minute or read for a second, but I don’t have time to find anything new. Just keeping up with the overflow of band, singers, authors, artists, actors, tv shows, movies that I am aware of and like is overwhelming. I need to take notes so I can remember what I found out, or I will forget it, which in itself can take too much time. We need to ask what is most important and prioritize those things.

Why did this happen? It has to do with the dream culture. Social Media tells people to dream of being successful in some kind of artistic endeavor, but we can’t all be David Bowie. It takes millions of fans of David Bowie to create David Bowie. Anyone can create a website or a blog to promote themselves, but there are not enough people to make each person famous who would like to be famous.

I was thinking of going on the Disco Cruise, and by the time I found out about it was sold out. While there were still a few cabins they are highly undesirable ones or very overpriced suites. The cabins appeared to be over the engine room or in some terribly dark and noisy part of the ship.

Occasionally there is something like the Disco Cruise that I would like to attend, but its sold out, because the better and more desirable things are quickly sold out. While I drown in an ocean of free concerts on Sundays in the Park with unknown bands, the better concerts are sold out. I can’t pinpoint them in the vast ocean of undesirable bands and other things jocking for my attention. This also includes all of the online shopping advertisements for products that are usually mundane, but overpriced items with slick marketing campaigns. For example imagine yourself an artist painting watercolors. With this subscription kit you can be that artist! With these diet bars you can look like a fashion model! On and on marches the endless mindless parade of hollow consumerism. The products won’t work and we will discard them and move on the next hopeless promise. But, it’s not all negative. Some people do create a following of interested fans. A small number of those people become actually famous.

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