Andrew Phillips should have been in Everipedia

Here is a reason why we need an Everipedia. I am not saying it has to be The Everipedia because I don’t approve of them coping all the date from Wikipedia. Dr. Andrew Peter Phillips was a Sociology Professor I had at San Francisco State in the 80s. He was sometimes called Pete for his middle name. He had the most amazing classes, and he was my favorite professor. Now he appears to have died, and the only record I can find about him is that he was at one time a Professor at SF StateANDREW P. PHILLIPS, Ph.D., Sociology. Appointed 1963. Emeritus since 1991.

All of his work and research may be lost forever. If I had been able to upload his basic ideas to something like Everipedia. I would feel much better about the situation. While I can put them in this Word Press blog, once I die or stop paying for WordPress this blog may be deleted. WordPress could keep it as an unpaid blog for a while, but at some point they may delete it. If I had saved all the notes he gave me (I took four of his classes) I would have had a basic idea of what his work was about. Now I have to construct his classes data from my memory. He may have lived in San Francisco or a nearby area. He liked to wear a light brown or tan jacket which made him look like a professor. When I was 20, he may have been 45. If he was still alive, he would be about 80 years old. But I am likely a bad judge of age, if this is correct he was born September 17, 1930, which made him 10 years older then I believed he was. He looked young. However, the post does not say he was Doctor so maybe this is not even the correct Andrew Peter Phillips. Nor does this entry even have a date of death. I don’t know if he was married or not or anything at all. I see no point in posting an obituary with no information, date of death or any photo. I am sure his students would have been able to pool resources to get him a proper listing. His students loved him.

In 2005, I was able to find an address that may have been his, but I did not think I should write to him. I was looking for an email so I could ask him for his notes. I asked at the dept. but no one had any email for him. He may have missed the Internet Age. He asked the students to save his notes. He did say this very clearly several times, that we should save these notes after the class was done, but I did not save them because I was poor and almost homeless moving around from place to place due to the rent situation in San Francisco. I could only save items that had practical use.

Here are just some of  Andrew P. Phillip’s ideas in a random order which I can recall. Human Interaction is made up a series of initiations and responses. If you send someone an email, and they send one back to you. This gives you a sense of if you should write to them again and continue the discussion or should you stop writing to them. The responses create the social interaction which can be positive or negative.

The best way to remember information is to organize it. Tests show that subjects shown random bit of information did not recall it well, but if the information was organized into a story with a beginning, middle and an end they would remember the information better.

Staring into a strobe light can cause one to fall into a brief trance like state. (But, not The Dreamachine because it does not work and it is a scam)

He had a theory that the passing of time was subjective to the individual. For example, if you commute by car or by bus on the same route everyday you will stop noticing the scenery and begin to daydream. As you are daydreaming you don’t notice the things you pass on your route because you have seen them so many times. When you arrive at your destination you will feel as if little time as passed. The familiarity of the route made time speed up for you. He also talked about how Cannabis makes time slow down. This was not on the tests, but I remember it because it was so interesting. If one is listens to music tracks while being high the amount of time in between the tracks seems to last longer. In fact the short lag time in between songs may last so long that one may wonder if the machine playing the music is broken or has just stopped playing. He also speculated that driving was dangerous on Cannabis because it would make time slow down and give people the feeling that they had more time to cross an intersection then they really had, but this was an untested theory he came up with. Studies had not been done to back this up. It was not on test because only theories that passed a scientific test were included on the test material for his classes. His study materials were all brilliantly organized and typed up into notes. The notes were outlines that he would give to the class. The students then took notes by placing them on the outline instead of taking notes based on pure listening or from an outline on a chalkboard. This helped the motivated students do very well on his tests. I liked to take his classes because it was easy for me to get an A in his classes. I only got one B+ once one quarter because I failed to spend enough time, but I learned from this mistake and in all subsequent classes I was able to get an A.

If an article were created for Andrew Phillips other people who may have taken his classes and saved their notes could add or upload his notes to the entry. Each person could bring some memory of Andrew Phillips and his work to the entry and eventually we would have a picture that would be more complete. But, without any dates of birth or death it’s not possible to make even an Everipedia article. If it was possible it would not be prudent.

Charles Hess was an artist, but most of his work was destroyed in 1991 along with his family home in  The Oakland Hills Fire. He made sculptures. I don’t even have any photos to share. I do have dates of his birth April 5, 1921 and death January 6, 1998. He was married to Leta English Hess who was also an artist. Charles Hess grew plants Lithops cactus plants called “living stones.”

Many people have someone like this in their lives who they would like to save, but who don’t quality for a Wikipedia Article. These folks are in danger of disappearing from all known existence like they never existed at all. If you have traced your family tree back for some generations eventually you will come to a brick wall. There is no way to know anything about the people behind the end brick wall.

I found a woman in my family drown in Lake Pontchartrain. But I don’t know how or why or have any photos or anything at all. I only know she drowned which makes me feel sad and empty. She likely came from Ireland with her husband who survived her. I checked newspapers dot com, but they don’t have enough of the old newspapers online to have anything about her.

I wish Word Press would do a forever blog option. What if one could pay a flat fee to ensure their blog would not be deleted? I know people could instruct their survivors to continue to pay for the blog, but eventually they will also die or lose interest in paying. Unpaid things either become too filled with ads to read or they get deleted by the companies for non payment. Plenty of sites have so many pop up videos that it is not even possible to read the text.

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