Tap Water Causes Cancer

Updated: with supporting evidence Dec. 5 2021

You Tube Video about Dupont click here for url link

dupont cancer you tube screen shot
Screenshot from Youtube Video about chemicals in tap water by Jake Tran

To summarize the video: non stick pan coatings called Teflon or by other names and plastics leach chemicals which enter the water supply and cause Kidney Cancer. But I am not blaming just the company Dupont. Many different companies are involved in making and disposing of toxic chemicals unsafely.

If you would rather read text instead of watch a video I found a link to a website about non stick pan coating chemicals that cause Kidney Cancer click on the link below.


and try this link for text also


My Husband Died of Kidney Cancer and this is our story.

I remember years ago, when there was a push back to make people stop drinking bottle water. All kinds of companies and government agencies wanted to ban plastic water bottles. I refused to yield to that pressure and now it turns out tap water causes cancer which I knew knew all along. I tried to convince my husband to drink bottled water, but he would not. He wanted to save money and tap water was free. Then he died of kidney cancer. I remember that he used to drink tap water in the evening. He would put it into a plastic bottle that was like a refrigerator caddy and drink it. He did not go to the doctor and get check ups. I don’t know if at the time, he was having problems with his kidneys and he wanted to drink water to flush them out? But, if I go by the theory that the tap water caused his cancer, drinking more tap water would only increase the cancer causing elements. I always had a house full of bottled water. I started drinking only bottled water in the early 90s. But, he would not drink my bottled water. I do have survivor’s guilt. He did not get to benefit from the work he did and the money he made in terms of having a “better life”. The bottled water was right there the whole time. He could have drank it. Instead in drunk the tap water which he chilled in plastic bottles that were not BPA free because at the time BPA Bottles were not a thing or maybe had not even been invented.

I felt like if they were going to ban water in bottles they must also ban all sodas, beers, wines or any other kind of beverage that was in a plastic bottle or even a can out of fear it would not get recycled. I was like “I recycled all my bottles”, but they were like “many bottles are not recycled” and they tired to make me feel guilty. But, it did not work. I kept drinking bottled water and I am not dead. I don’t have cancer. So, maybe my choice was to stay alive and write this blog to warn people to not listen to so called experts.  Even Dr. Dean Edell insisted we should all drink tap water. He was a radio and tv doctor who worked for KGO which is the local ABC affiliate for the Bay Area.

I am all in favor of banning dangerous things like smoking, but they also need to ban junk food. This ban should also include things like fast food french fries, Doritos Chips, Hostess Snack Cakes, and orange cheese puffs.  What about banning tanning beds and Bum Wine? But, never ban water.

I believe in blogging responsibly and I will take comments which will be prescreened even if you disagree with my opinion. It is impossible to say if the cancer was caused by tap water or the plastic bottles it came it or maybe it was something else. I went back to SFO recently and I found they banned plastic water bottles and now they sell water in cans. The canned water does not taste very good either because it was poor quality filtered water to begin with and not natural springs water or else the metal causes a metallic taste.

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