Everipedia Review


Everipedia used to be just copies of Wikipedia Articles, but it has changed.
The search feature is broken and won’t yield any results. I am down with Everipedia being for profile and having ads. I would rather see ads then the constant appeals for donations, as long as the ads do not obscure the text and videos don’t play at me. I also can not tolerate any moving animations or gifs on my page results. But, there is nothing wrong with discrete print ads on the side of the page.

Google does not show links to Everipedia when you search on Google only to Wikipedia. Although, I could get behind an improved Wikipedia in 2017, I could not see the point in just a clone of Wikipedia. I could not figure what was “Blockchain” and what is the whole point of Blockchain. All attempts to comprehend Blockchain failed. I may have an understanding of the concept of Blockchain, but what is the point or advantage of Blockchain vs. not being Blockchain? Is this flim-flam? Flim-flam is when someone has a product that has an obvious defect, such as a they are selling a car that does not run. You say to them, “hey, this car does not run or the search is broken.” They say, “But, look at the leather interior or the Blockchain” to distract you from the overall main point. It does not matter what the interior is like if the car does not run.

I forgot about Everipedia very quickly because it does not tend to come up in digital life. A description of the search bar feature in Everipedia follows. I searched for any random term. Pink as in the color pink. I figured at least they could mention the Pop Star Pink, but nothing comes up. I got to Google and tell it to search for Pink in Everipedia, and it comes with Jada Pink. I am like who is Jada Pink? She is a You Tube person. So why have Jada Pink and not Pink? I type in any possible word I can think into the search bar. Nothing at all comes up for any term. What is the point of having something that can’t be searched and does not come up in the Google results? Is it not then on the path of total obscurity? Everipedia is the place to find information about Youtubers, but you can’t find them by using the search bar. You have to type in the name of what you are searching for into Google and then specify “Everipedia”. Then Google will either find the term if it exists in Everipedia or not find the term. I had read that Everipedia focuses primary on You Tube Stars, so it seems like this is a good niche environment for Everipedia. So, I am giving it a thumbs up.

There is still a need for a Wikipedia that is not constantly deleted, so that the benefit of archive.today.  I use Archive Today to save Wikipedia Articles that may be changed or deleted, so that way other people can see older page saves. I found using the “view page history” confusing and difficult. So, we don’t need an Ever Pedia as long as there is another way to save old versions, but I wonder if that archive.today could be deleted also at some point and disappear. I keep Archive Today in my bookmarks bar so I can save pages as I do research in subjects. Some of the paid sites block it, so some articles can’t be saved, but most of the free sites do not have Archive Today blocked. The only people who would want to block would be people who are not writing sincerely in good faith or if the subject is one that is very emotional and later then will want to delete the posting.

Updated: July 1, 2019 After a famous Youtuber Etika committed suicide I assumed I could use Everipedia to find him, but he was not there and all the article were made blank. I was able to use Archive Today to prove that Jada Pink once existed as an article, but now has been blanked out. Everipedia is more puzzling now then it was when it was a site mainly for Youtubers. Youtubers do deserve to have a little place on the internet.

I did find Etika on Encyclopedia Dramatica, but don’t go there because there was once an issue in which there was a virus on Encyclopedia Dramatica. I used use Brave to go to Encyclopedia Dramatica because it could someone defeat the virus, but there are no viruses on Encyclopedia Dramatica right now.  I can’t be responsible for telling people to go look there, as it a bit of a risk. Archive Today makes it possible to read the text or look at the photos in a way that does not have a virus. The files are saved as screen captures.

Updated on July 3, 2019

I found that Everipedia works on my ipad, so I assume there is an issue with the desktop viewing. I found a very amusing post on someone’s blog called Everipedia Being Wrong, but On The Block Chain. The post said the Everipedia is for people who are only a little bit famous. People in Everipedia are not famous enough for Wikipedia. I find this to be a valid reason for Everipedia to exist. Information may be taken from various sources such as Myspace.

I looked at the most recently created article, and it was about a Yoga Instructor with several heavily photoshopped  photos of how insanely fit she looked in her various yoga poses. Each person deserves the right to be famous if they want to be listed in Everipedia, they can go ahead and add themselves. People like the Chef at an up and coming restaurant in New York City or your favorite college professor from back in your college days are worthy of an entry.

It may be hard to edit Everipedia unless you can get in good with the creators by having “points.” I am not sure how this point system works, but I am not interested in doing any editing of Everipedia or even figuring out how to edit it. If you click on the blog url (I posted a link earlier) there is an explanation of how to gain points which are used to buy tokens. The tokens have something to do with the Blockchain.

The Everipedia Search is working again and I was able to find the entry for Etika

Etika (the Youtuber) is a special interesting case, no one is saying very much about his death (other then Encyclopedia Dramatica) or what he did to lead up to his death.

If you are looking for something similar to Encyclopedia Dramatica Uncyclopedia, (which I also discovered today), says it was founded by founded in 2005 by Oscar Wilde. The site has an icon in the bar which tells me its secure, but I can’t be blamed if it later develops issues like Dramatica did.

Updated 7/4/2019 after Google found This Article About Everipedia

In an outrageous display of leading words and loaded words, Hackernoon ( A Medium Blog) contains a few interesting quotes that bear scrutiny.

Quote One “Unlike Wikipedia, anyone and anything can have a page on the Everipedia database.” (I hope this is true, but one has to collect tokens and get in good with the editors. I suppose it’s worth the hassle to be immortalized as an awesome yoga instructor or something like that.)

Quote Two “Leaving the internet to Wikipedia, and turning to the Blockchain for Everipedia.” (What does this mean? Leave the Internet and turn to the Blockchain? What is the Blockchain that is not part of the Internet? Does the author even know what the Blockchain means?)

Quote Three
As of January 2019, Everipedia has become the largest free English-language encyclopedia to ever exist, incorporating the 6 million+ entries contained on Wikipedia, plus original content.”

Quote Four
“What makes Everipedia so hauntingly beautiful is that it did what nobody had the courage or ability to do — copying and forking Wikipedia’s articles to become the largest online English-language dictionary, allowing for the most powerful tool to remain with the page creator — authorship.” (“Hauntingly Beautiful?” “Courage” to steal a bunch of data?)

Everipedia stole the data from Wikipedia, added some more data, and then claimed to be greater or larger than Wikipedia. A massive case of data appropriation makes Everipedia The World’s Largest or Greatest Appropriation Artist. There is no pride of authorship in a Bot that copies and pastes Wikipedia Data, but if the articles in Everipedia have authorship then they will be biased. It is impossible for an article by a single author to be non bias.)

If the authors who add to Everipedia are to be paid, what will they be paid in? More Tokens? If Everipedia does one day turn a profit, how much of that profit will be kicked back to the authors? I have collected a large number of “coins” on Swarm App (which used to be Foursquare),  but I can’t use them to buy anything or turn them into something with monetary value.

Everipedia does not appear in Google Results and is frequently down and out of commission. But, they should keep trying. They should delete all the Wikipedia Data and start over with original content. The Deletionists can already be beaten by using Archive Today.

Updated 7/9/2019

I found yet another Copy of Wikipedia with a strange name Info Galactic

There are many copies of Wikipedia and Info Galactic looks easier to edit then Everipedia. There are a lot of clones of the Simple English Wikipedia which is a scaled down Wikipedia. So called Wikipedias for children steal the data from Simple English, but claims that is for children. I would not allow my children to be online using it. I have my doubts if its safe. I would supervise my children on the internet all all times until they turn 18.

I collect Clone Barbie Dolls, so I now call all of these Wikipedia Clones if they just copy all the info from Wikipedia and repost it. Apparently it’s not illegal or I guess they would all be sued.

Updated: Rebecca Burger was a fitness blogger who has been excluded from Wikipedia, but she has an Everipedia entry.

Rebecca Burger died for whipped cream? I find it very hard to believe that a whipped cream canister exploded caused her to have a heart attack. Some reports said she was hit in the chest by plastic pieces and others said that the shock and surprise of the explosion caused a heart attack for someone who was 33 years old and clearly in good health as seen in the many photos.



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