Why do people bother to treat fatal cancers

After my husband died, I would really like to open a discussion on why people who have stage four cancers get treatment when there is no hope of survival and prolonging with chemo and radiation only causes one’s last days to be filled with horrible pain. Maybe at first there is some hope, so they get on a treatment and see some progress. Time goes by and the cancer comes back.

This is best shown by watching the Farrah Fawcett documentary.  Farrah went to Germany to have a treatments that were very expensive and painful. She flew there and back. Then she had to go back again to get more treatments.  She finally died in horrible pain. I really need someone to explain it to me.

As I see it, it’s like the frog in boiling water. The first treatments are not that bad, and then as time goes by it gets horrible, but one does not notice this due to the slow process of decline of health. Most people they say died from cancer in fact die from chemo and complications like the weakening of the body and not from the cancer. I understand the cancer is also fatal, but I really need to understand why would you spend your last days and hours suffering treatments made of toxic poisons? The drugs that are used in chemotherapy are harmful to the environment.  I would not take them based on this alone. We will all die sometime. I would only treat a cancer that was in an early stage, had not spread to other parts of the body, and one that had some hope of a recovery to live at least 10 more years. If one is able to live one year more in horrible pain, can this be worth it?

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