Farrah Fawcett and Susan Atkins have strangely coincidental similarities

May 26, 2019

Farrah Fawcett and Susan Atkins are both about the same age Farrah born 1947 Susan 1948. Both died in 2009 from cancer. Both were twice married. Farrah was married to Lee Majors and Ryan O’Neal. Susan first married a con man named Donald Laisure who claimed he was rich and would get her out of prison, but she found out he was “the town joke” with no money. He had something like 34 ex wives. Susan divorced him, and then in 1986 she met a wayward young man named James Whitehouse. She married him, and he became a lawyer to help her get out. He spend the best years of his life waiting for her. He also kept a website in her honor, but the website has been replaced with a even more strange website about flea control for dogs. Updated: 2020 Questions remain such as if the Susan Web site if hacked or taking over by someone else, who is paying money to have the website remain online with dog flea and tick products? Is this an accident that James over looked for years or did he really lose control of the website?

Updated: 2020 there is a new Susan Atkins Website. But, it’s filled with Bible Quotes and has little or no information about Susan. I try to be non partial and neutral in tone, but what is going with Susan liked Sunflowers? Who does not like sun flowers? I assume Susan also liked long walks on the beach. How is this relevant at all?

The whole story is a tragedy for all parties including Sharon Tate and her family. Susan could have been helped by social workers to change her life before she got mixed up with Charles Manson.

Farrah and Susan had one child each both boys. Susan’s boy was adopted and no one knows what happened to him. Likely he does not know Susan Atkins is his mother, or if he knows he does not want to talk about it. Farrah’s son (Redmond) with Ryan O’Neal had problems with drugs and legal problems. I am not sure of the current status of Redmond O’Neal as of 2020. Farrah under went extremely painful cancer treatment to try and stay alive to protect her son. “This Is Farrah Fawcett” is name of the documentary film that details Farrah’s death from cancer.

Farrah and Susan were both good looking and both had glamour shot taken of them. We all know about Farrah’s famous poster, but the Susan Glamour Shots appeared on the website created by her husband. The website was rather strange in that you had to click on “I am friend of Susan” to view the glamour shots. Since Susan was already dead, I did not feel guilt about clicking on the friends of Susan link. What happened to Susan’s Original site is uncertain. Maybe James did not feel like maintaining it anymore and it has been hacked? Maybe it was sold to someone else when the domain expired?

Farrah Fawcett had many cancer treatments, but there was no way to for her to survive and after she died her son’s life got worse. I think she was hanging on to life because her son needed her. She left all her money to her son, about 4.5 million dollars, but he was only allowed to live on the interest. This should have given him enough money to make him happy, but it did not. He wanted more money for drugs.

I don’t know what treatments Susan Atkins had for cancer, but she lived for exactly one year in Chowchilla prison undergoing treatment. Susan arrived on September 24, 2008 and died on September 24, 2009.

Both of them were Christians who prayed often, and were very religious. If she did not do it why did she say she did it? There are many questions. Another life that could have been happy was ruined by Manson. Anyway its too late to release her, so the matter is not really up for debate anymore.

Farrah Fawcett was upset because she wanted to be taken more seriously as an actress and get better roles. I think she should have stayed with Charles Angels for as many years as possible. There is nothing wrong with being an actor on a show that is not highbrow or an actor on a soap opera. Many people would be happy to have even that.

Although this is a 70s blog, I did not watch Charlie’s Angels, because I was too young and my parents would not let me. I have not wanted to watch it as an adult. I watched a little bit of it, and I did not really like enough to try to watch it. I don’t want to pay anything to watch it. Amazon Prime charges $1.99 per episode. Amazon Prime is expensive. Prime Video only has free things that people would never want to watch or have any interest in watching. So, unless I can see it for free, I am sure to never watch Charlie’s Angels, and I am ok with that. I did see the video she did of painting with her body, but I don’t remember very much about it. It was not worth rewatching. I don’t think I watched The Burning Bed as it sounded terrible.If I did watch it, I don’t remember it. I watched a two hour documentary on Farrah Fawcett, and I came up with the number of similarities for this blog.


Updated: I received a series of strange comments on this blog post, which I did not publish because the poster told me he change his mind and did not want them to be posted because he was so offended by this blog. He seemed to think that my blog post was about similarities between Sharon Tate and Susan Atkins. It clearly says Farrah Fawcett and its says it right there in the title and repeats it over and over again. To avoid any confusion.

I could not find a photo of her in a white jumpsuit, so I had to post this one instead

Farrah Fawcett Majors is whom this blog is about

There is a doll based on Farrah Fawcett. Instead of Charlie’s Angels, the name is Undercover Angel. You may recall a cheesy 70’s song by the same name. I have a more detailed post about this doll here.

The similarities only have to do with coincidences. Susan Atkins was never an actor. Its impossible to say what she would have done with her life if she had never met Charles Manson. He ruined her life. Nor is it possible to say what Sharon would have done with her life if Susan and Tex Watson had not killed her. I am taking comments, but only if they are reasonable and make sense. I reply to my comments if I can think of something meaningful to say.

When I drank some tea made from herbs I had a dream in which Farrah Fawcett appeared to me in a white jumpsuit and said her name was Jill and she was one of Charlie’s Angels. But, I did not believe her. I said, No this is impossible, and that cause me to wake up.  So I missed the important message that she may have been trying to convey to me from beyond the grave. But, likely it was just a dream.

Sharon Tate was born January 24, 1943.  This makes her older then Susan Atkins and Farrah Fawcett  who were boomers. There are no similarities between them and to post a blog like that would be absurd. This is not a blog about Sharon Tate, but I did find a number of troubling issues with the Movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, but to go into that would take another blog, that I don’t have time to write. Margo Robbie did a great job, portraying Sharon Tate but I wish she had been given more dialogue and more to do.

Is this woman Susan or not?
Screen capture You Tube Videos Susan mouths words of Charles Manson

Thinking about Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and how Susan Atkins looked in the film, I believe that Quentin Tarantino was trying to make Susan look like she did in the famous or infamous video clip in which Susan mouths the same words as Charles Manson as if she is a brainwashed puppet under his control. She is younger clearly, but also smaller and thinner then she was in later photos. I believe there is some possibility that the video footage is faked and the actress in the video is not in fact Susan who was larger in size and more busty then broken, emaciated, brainwashed women or girl. However, that does not mean that Quentin Tarantino did not find this video clip and use it for the inspiration of the Susan that he wanted to create. Conspiracy theory: Maybe James Susan’s husband (who is a lawyer) had the video censored or removed via legal action? However, I would image (if this was the case) the entire clip would have been removed and it would not have been censored. The video is still online as of today October 5, 2020, but its not possible to see the faces of any of the actors so the video is now worthless which is why I removed my link to the video, but you can still find the link using Archive Today. I have posted a screen capture of the face to save you time for searching for the photo.

Go back and watch the brief clip of Susan when she is at the house before she is killed by fire in the swimming pool. Quentin Tarantino could not find an actress who could capture this look and he used an actress who was Asian. Together with the other unflattering portrayal of Bruce Lee, I decided that (for whatever reason) Tarantino wanted to cast Asian in the film as villains. There is also a movie scene in which Sharon Tate fights and wins on the screen of the movie that the character Sharon Tate is watching and that is also an Asian Actor. Are all of these instances of racism? I can’t figure out what issue Tarantino has that inspired him to make this part of the movie.

When I think of the Manson Family all of the character were white and none of them were Asian; because Manson was white racist who disliked Blacks and likely also disliked Asians. So why change the facts of the movie in this way? I know Tarantino also did in it his movie about Nazis in which he changed the details. Hitler dies watching a movie. It’s one thing to change the details of something to make it more individualized, but when you change to being racist I believe this was a big mistake. It means that as time passes on this movie will be not a popular as it could have been due to these defects. After Tarantino passes away the movie will likely be sold with warning labels. The movie was banned in China and there was a Brouhaha over it. If I am wrong there was maybe one Asian person in the Manson Family? Am I wrong or right? Debate me in comments.

I found another Word Press Blog that features a photo taken from the Susan Atkins Glamour Shots website. At least I think this photo could have come from that website before it turned into the flea control website. Clearly Susan wanted to be seen as a beautiful and glamorous woman. I don’t think the website was entirely all created just to try and get Susan released, but it was more like a documentation of Susan’s existence while in prison. She was not able to get of prison and create a social media website. So that website was like her Swan Song and departing from this world vanity website. If I was dying of cancer what would I want people to remember most of about me? Would it be glamour shots or samples or my writing or even quotes? If Susan had gotten out of prison she may have set up a Instagram, but it would likely be filled with angry comments and so it would not have gotten off the ground. The comments would have been like “How dare you have a Instagram when Sharon Tate can’t have one and her baby never even got to live a single day?”

The last thing I want to do is discuss about something that I have not wanted to write about. What if Susan was innocent? I have watched a number of interviews with Susan on You Tube. She decided to change her story and say she was innocent. I have heard various justifications such as she made the story up because she wanted to appear tough in prison. But I think the real reason she made up the story was to make up for the fact that she was ratted on everyone else. While in prison she told another female prisoner about how she was connected to the Manson Family and that she killed Sharon Tate. She has taken a lot of LSD, she explains, but this does not work as an excuse. My theory is she made up the story because she knew Charlie wanted everyone to be involved in a murder to protect himself. He thought wrongly that if the others also murdered people, they would not turn him in. But the made up story (if it was made up) was not accepted by Charles Manson. Manson was very resentful of her. Nothing she could do could make up for what she did when she got all of them arrested and convicted. I don’t believe in the Helter Skelter theory. I think they picked that house because Terry Melcher had lived there, and the second house was a random pick. But even if Manson told his followers the Helter Skelter theory, I don’t think he believed it himself. I think it was only to trick them into murdering. He also told them he was Jesus Christ and it was the end of the world so they could murder anyone and should as they world was ending anyway and they may have believed him. Watching Susan on You Tube can be very depressing. I can see so much pain in her. I don’t really know if she killed Sharon Tate and we will never know for sure. But a million Bible Verses can’t make up for what Susan failed to do which was try to stop the murders, try to render aid to the victims, and to call the police to try and make things better. Even if she did not take part in the killing she is still responsible for all of that.

Here are just a few examples of the ever changing Susan Atkins Videos on You Tube. I found one that showed her reaction upon viewing a video of Donald Laisure who was an overweight middle aged man. I also found one of her reactions before and after a visit with Charles Manson in which he undoubtedly told her just how angry he was at her for betrayal. Unfortunately Susan was not a very smart person in terms her legal situation, as she should have bargained with her testimony instead of confessing all at once before she was even asked to do so. The prosecution already the testimony of Linda Kasabian who did not kill anyone they did not really need Susan’s testimony. I also found one in black and white in which may have been the first time she changed her story to one in which she did not kill anyone and only failed to summon help.

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