Farrah Fawcett and Susan Atkins have strangely coincidental similarities

Farrah Fawcett and Susan Atkins are both about the same age Farrah born 1947 Susan 1948. Both died in 2009 from cancer. Both were twice married. Farrah was married to Lee Majors and Ryan O’Neal. Susan first married a con man in prison who claimed he was rich and would get her out of prison, but she found out he was “the town joke” with no money. He had something like 34 other wives. Susan divorced him, and then she met a wayward young man. She married him, and he became a lawyer to help her get out. He spend the best years of his life waiting for her. He also kept a website in her honor, but as of late the website has been taken down, and I don’t know what happened to him. The whole story is a tragedy for all parties including Sharon Tate and her family. Susan could have been helped by social workers to change her life before she got mixed up with Charles Manson.

Farrah and Susan had one child each both boys. Susan’s boy was adopted and no one knows what happened to him. Likely he does not know Susan Atkins is his mother, or if he knows he does not want to talk about it. Farrah’s son with Ryan O’Neal has problems with drugs and legal problems. I believe he is awaiting trial right now. He is also being sued for 100 million dollars by a victim, and Gloria Allred is representing the victim.

Farrah and Susan were both good looking and both had glamour shot taken of them. We all know about Farrah’s famous poster, but Susan Glamour shots appeared on the website created by her husband. The website was rather strange in that you had to click on “I am friend of Susan” to view some of the glamour shots. Since Susan was already dead, I did not feel guilt about clicking on the friends of Susan.

Farrah Fawcett had many cancer treatments, but there was no way to for her to survive and after she died her son’s life got worse. I think she was hanging on to life because her son needed her. She left all her money to her son, about 4.5 million dollars, but he was only allowed to live on the interest. This should have given him enough money to make him happy, but it did not. He wanted more money for drugs.

I don’t know what treatments Susan Atkins had for cancer, but she lived for one year in Chowchilla prison. Susan arrived on September 24, 2008 and died on September 24, 2009. I have a source for this information that has saved on Achieve Today.

Both of them were Christians who prayed often, and were very religious. I don’t know what I think of Susan. If she did not do what she said she did and just made it up as she later said, she should have been released. But there is no way to be sure if she had done it. If she did not do it, why did she said she had done it? There are many questions. Another life that could have been happy was ruined by Manson.

Farrah Fawcett was sad because she wanted to be taken more seriously as an actress and get better roles. I think she should have stayed with Charles Angels for as many years as possible. There is nothing wrong with being an actor on a show that is not highbrow or an actor on a soap opera. Many people would be happy to have even that.

Although this is a 70s blog, I did not watch Charlie’s Angels, because I was too young and my parents would not let me. I have not wanted to watch it as an adult. I watched a little bit of it, and I did not really like enough to try to watch it. I don’t want to pay anything to watch it. Amazon Prime charges $1.99 per episode. Amazon Prime is expensive. Prime Video only has free things that people would never want to watch or have any interest in watching. So, unless I can see it for free, I am sure to never watch Charlie’s Angels, and I am ok with that. I did see the video she did of painting with her body, but I don’t remember very much about it. It was not worth rewatching. I don’t think I watched The Burning Bed as it sounded terrible.If I did watch it, I don’t remember it. I watched a two hour documentary on Farrah Fawcett, and I came up with the number of similarities for this blog.


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