Links in Wikipedia can be improved

Wikipedia would be greatly improved if the links posted about articles were not moved or deleted. Sometimes the links go behind a paywall. It order to offset this, if one find a link on a subject that has interest, that url needs to be saved on or Go to the page and enter in the url, then click save. Later is the link is deleted, you can use the new url to copy a link into the wikipedia entry. If I happen to see a link that needs updating, I like to change the link to, but often no one has entered the link in the first time. I enter the links in, and then I have a copy of the web page saved in a virus free screen shot. I then changed the link on wikipedia, but I have only been able to do this a few times as the most of the missing links were not saved on I want to encourage everyone to start doing this. It’s really easy, you make a wikipedia name and log in, then you simply click edit and remove the outdated link and click save.

Here is an example, I looked for the Song Nowhere Girl (link to live performance of Nowhere Girl on You Tube) on Wikipedia. B Movie is the name of the band, and the label is listed as Some Bizzare Label. The website listed for Some Bizzare Label has been removed. I found a saved copy at Archive Today. On the page there is a note “Site Maintained by” but that site is gone, and is redirected to Huge Domains Dot Com. No one saved the original page, and now its gone forever. So, if you did a lot of work on your website, but you want to removed it due to ridiculous huge hosting fees (which means your website costs more money than it earns back) you could save the site in archive is. Your information could be found at no addiction cost and without you doing any work to maintain or pay for the website. A smart move.

B-Movie was later signed to Phonogram Records. I don’t think Nowhere Girl got any play in the USA. I was always listening to KITS when later became Live 105 the Rock of the 80s.  I don’t think I ever heard this song on the radio nor was in a video on MTV.

There is another service called the Wayback Machine that used to work in the past, but I have not been able to make it work for many years. So, I am suggesting everyone should use Archive Today or at least use both of them. If I enter in a url on Wayback and click another page opens up with a calendar. I click on the links but then nothing opens up. In some rare cases of random chance Wayback may work. The problem may be the site is too complicated since they added a calendar view instead of thumbnails. A robot crawls around the web and saves to the Wayback Machine, so some sited may be found there that one has bothered to save, but sites can also be deleted and removed from Wayback, but not from Archive Today. That makes Archive Today a better saver. If the website owner wants it deleted from Wayback, the site can not be saved.

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