Links in Wikipedia can be improved

Updated again: Archive Today has moved to because the older URL stopped working, and it may move again in the future. There is a good reason to use Archive Today. Most non commercial websites end up being deleted, and then are bought by some kind of spam or virus company. If you go to the link you could get attached, but if you search for it first on Archive Today and save it, you can look at it and see if can be visited safely.

Updated again

Archive Today is working again, but it is a good idea to save pages you use for Wikipedia links in both Wayback Machine and  Archive Today  in case one or the other fails. Without supporting links the material you put in Wikipedia may be removed. Book links are acceptable but often the book is out of print, expensive and hard to get. Saved/archived web pages are permanently saved and do not go behind a paywall. The information on them may or may not be true, however, but it’s better than an obscure book or a pay site that no one is going to bother to pay for to read. They all want you to subscribe to the site and keep paying forevermore.

Updated: July 31, 2019 Archive Today seems to be down often for the last few days with no sign of when it may be fixed, but I found that The Wayback Machine has really stepped up their game. So I have been saving pages to Wayback. It’s very simple you merely open the main page and copy paste the url you are saving.  Even thought urls can be removed by request that is not such a big deal as most people don’t bother or care to remove them. I was thinking about what happens to my blog after I die, so I have saved some of my post in Wayback also. It’s kind of a big deal, because I fixed a number of dead wikipedia links using Archive Today, so if it’s down those links will be lost. The best thing is to save the information on your computer, so it won’t be lost. Any type of system can end up failing and losing the data you were trying to save. So, on that note I have to remove links some of the links to Archive Today. It may be fixed, but maybe not, it’s discouraging because web links are constantly in a state of flux. They are constantly being changed on deleted, so webmasters have to frequently check all the links on their site, or not, and if not it’s just a bunch of dead links. Some of the most interesting amazing things online I found on the links from other websites.

Here is an example, I looked for the Song Nowhere Girl (link to live performance of Nowhere Girl on You Tube) on Wikipedia. B Movie is the name of the band, and the label is listed as Some Bizzare Label. The website listed for Some Bizzare Label has been removed. I found a saved copy at Archive Today. On the page there is a note “Site Maintained by” but that site is gone, and is redirected to Huge Domains Dot Com. No one saved the original page, and now its gone forever. So, if you did a lot of work on your website, but you want to removed it due to ridiculous huge hosting fees (which means your website costs more money than it earns back) you could save the site in archive is. Your information could be found at no addiction cost and without you doing any work to maintain or pay for the website. A smart move.

B-Movie was later signed to Phonogram Records. I don’t think Nowhere Girl got any play in the USA. I was always listening to KITS when later became Live 105 the Rock of the 80s.  I don’t think I ever heard this song on the radio nor was in a video on MTV.


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