Creepy Crawling Book Review

Creepy Crawling has no information about the Manson Case. The book assumes the reader is familiar with all the characters and details of the Manson Story. The book is Sociological look at Manson in popular culture. How can one make the Manson story boring?

The only chapter that was interesting was one called “Waves of Mutation” which really means other things that are Manson influenced. The band Negativland came out with Helter Stupid. Rather then write a book about Manson Melnick should have written a book about Negativland because it’s a topic people are not familiar with. Without even interviewing Negativland and collecting all of his research from the internet he looked at the story of the media hoax.

“Following the somewhat unexpected success of this album, Negativland faced the prospect of going on a money-losing tour in 1988. To prevent this, they created a press release which said Negativland were prevented from touring by “Federal Authority Dick Jordan” because of claims that Negativland song “Christianity Is Stupid” had inspired 16-year-old mass murderer David Brom to kill his family. The press release went on to vigorously deny the purported connection between Negativland and the murders. While Brom had in fact argued with his father about music shortly before Brom killed his family, no one had ever claimed that Brom was spurred to murder by Negativland music. The claim that Brom’s crimes were inspired by Negativland was disseminated and discussed in the mass media, seemingly with little to no fact-checking. The incident became the foundation for Negativland next release, Helter Stupid.” From Wikipedia

Each chapter of the book has a stupid title which is non-descriptive. One can pick any chapter and start to read it at random. For example, the book looks at music created by Terry Melcher, a topic no one could be interested in, then goes on to name drop Bob Dylan and Otis Redding. Does this guy have ADD?

Creepy Crawling is one of those books that you would be assigned to read in a class you took in college. But the book was so boring that you scanned it a bit, and then tried pretend you had read it if the professor asked you a question. No one who is not forced to read this book should bother to read it. Even if you a Big Time Manson Fan you will still hate this book. I got it from the library so I did not waste any money.

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