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This is the second blog I wrote on Find a Grave and Ancestry (owned by the same company check the Wikipedia), after I deleted the first one. Besides that it is often filled with wrong information, and they really need to step up fact checking, I have a cautionary tale. Always be nice to your family, especially the children whom you may not think are important. They are the ones who will remember you on Ancestry and Find A Grave, and they can certainly paint an unflattering picture or fix it so you are not remembered at all. I found my great grandparents were not fondly remembered on one side of the family. And because no one wrote down anything or cared. I have relatives that died young, but I don’t even know why. They are remember just as names on lists. I know they have whole lives and stories to tell, but they will never be known to me or anyone.  If only there was at least one people who remembered, if I could find that person, but so far I can’t find anyone. I can’t say Ancestry has been worth spending so much money. I am the only one who knows things. To be helpful to others, I wrote down what I could think of that is flattering about the older generations in my family, and I picked the most flattering photos I could find of them to include.  Later on, relatives could look them up and find this information.

Just a photo can really bring someone to life or an important detail such as drowned in Lake Pontchartrain. Someone in my family actually drowned in Pontchartrain, but the details are lost. Did she fall in, or was she swimming and had an accident? Did people even swim in the lake? Did she go for a fun boat ride and fall in? There is no photo of her. People are afraid to mention the dead or ask any questions. This is why so much is lost. If someone dies young they are not mentioned again because just bringing up that name can cause grief to the parents. So, often no one remembers children who died young. If I had a child who died young I would write down all the details I could think of. What was her favorite color and her favorite flower. Princess Di liked Forget Me Nots. People write things down on paper and in books, and then those things are lost. Homes burn down. I would put them in the memories section after I created that. Memories is a new concept on Ancestry and Find a Grave that I have not tried out. Each person who knew them can write a memory of the deceased person and add it to create a more complete picture. I would only do it for my child. It feels weird to write about other family members or friends. What would people say about you if they were making a memory page?


April 18, 2019

I am not going to keep paying Ancestry for a perpetual membership. I have found all the information that I can find at this point. I will join again at some point down the road when more people in my family have come forward with more information. My Tree will stay up and public. The 6 month membership will expire in early May 2019. Please leave any comments or questions, as I learned a lot about to work Ancestry and how to send invitation to a tree. My accountant said I need to save money. LOL

Ancestry is very expensive and also very time consuming, they are always “finding” new “things” but these “things” are not useful such as lists of people who may be or not related. I have Lucy Stewart and there are several woman named Lucy Steward born in the 1880s, so they suggest that this or that father could be her father, but often one ends up linking to the father of the wrong Lucy Stewart and later the whole scheme falls apart as it was built on a fake foundation. This Lucy is hard to find as there is no solid death date or grave for her. Anyone who was just scattered or goes to that thing they advertise on Facebook called Better Forests risks being entire forgotten by their family. It will be as if they never existed at all. It is only because of grave and graveyards will can find them. I think this is total going to change do to the digital age, but gravestones will survive even a complete digital meltdown.




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