Did Flo Jo like Luke Perry Die from Drugs

I looked into the case of Flo Jo the athlete, I found a lot of evidence that she may have given herself epileptic seizure from using drugs in the past. She did not die with an illegal drugs in her system, but did her death result from years of abuse of performance enhancing drugs. I found a website that claimed she likely died of an allergy to milk products. There is a lot of odd information that can be found online about her death. She retired right before they stated more accurate drug testing. The story is that she would travel to Mexico to buy the drugs legally and used them there. How do we know that Flo Jo was not murdered?

When Pat Butcher, a British athletics writer, first met her in 1985, he described her “as one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen, petite, oval- faced with unblemished skin”. By 1988, the same woman had bulging muscles, huge veins and thick make-up to hide her acne, a known side-effect of taking steroids. According to Butcher, she had “metamorphosed”: her voice had deepened and her jaw elongated, a condition known to be an effect of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) – a banned drug. From Hindu (link)

I think that Luke Perry also died from drugs which caused his aged appearance. Unless he had some kind of medical condition that could account for accelerated aging. It could be a rare genetic condition. Even if Luke Perry had not taken drugs when he died, could the death be the result of years of taking drugs? Who was the unknown woman who called 911? I don’t think I can be satisfied with the current expiation for Luke Perry’s death until I am shown more evidence. Moreover, I am older by just one year then Luke Perry. It made me wonder if I can expect to just drop dead myself for no reason at any minute.

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