Weather Underground Website

I used to have a weather underground blog, which was a free blog with ads. I started to make note of how much fog we had in San Francisco, and why it caused my garden to grow so poorly. I liked Weather Underground, because it had a full Doppler radar. I could even check the cloud cover all over the bay area. But at some point they removed that feature. So, I decided I would no longer have a blog there. I tried to delete my blog only to find that I had to delete each entry one by one. I emailed Weather Underground to complain, and they did not even answer me. I think I managed to delete all the entries. I am not sure, but at any rate, I still don’t like Weather Underground. In 2012 they were sold to a mega company the Weather Channel. The Weather Channel removed all the features. I am just guessing that was why. I never go there or watch the Weather Channel on TV as there is a much better newer Weather Channel on TV. The Weather Channel is  focused on poor programming, and does give the Weather very well. Now KTVU wants me to download yet another weather app to see the Radar. I am so pissed off at this point. I don’t want another app. No one wants anymore apps. Phones are already filled to over flowing with apps that want to sent you notification and they track your location and suck up your friends list from Facebook and your contacts to send you ads. That is why I get things for 80 year old women. I don’t care about apps or the radar anymore. I don’t live in San Francisco and I don’t need to track the cloud cover.

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