Spock is Needed Dream


In this dream which I can only remember the last little bit of, Spock was helping the people on Ancestry who were desperately sad as they wanted information about dead family members. There was an old man named Dupree. His native language was French and to make matters worse, he had dementia. Spock was able to just touch the back of his hand and extract all the information that was needed by the anxious crowd of people who were watching. The people were so awestruck by Spock’s majestic presences that they were totally silent. So we all watched Spock.  I may have been in the crowd or I may have been a narrator who was watching the story. I may have been Kirk who was trying to facilitate the procedure by coaxing Spock to work his magic. Spock did not have any desire to help the people because he was too advanced a being. I got the feeling that Spock was doing this all for Kirk, based on their close friendship of many shared adventures. Spock had to read the old man’s mind, and then translate from French which is a human language. Fortunately Spock’s amazing mental powers allowed him to learn a language like French and translate to English by only devoting one day to study. He could learn all the major human languages by devoting one day each to each language, and he knew French already. Spock was translating the information which was the family history that only the man knew, but it was locked inside his brain to the point in which the man himself was not able to access it. However, Spock could access the parts of his memories that were cut off from his conscious mind due to his dementia. Things were going well, until suddenly Spock appeared to become upset. Maybe Spock had read something unpleasant in the man’s mind or maybe Spock was suffering with existential despair or another issue created by his own psyche? Kirk’s face became drawn and tight. He attempted to save the day by convincing Spock to continue, but the situation was deteriorating rapidly. Not only was Spock not going to continue to read the man’s mind for information he seemed on his way to a full blown Vulcan rage. Vulcan’s suppress emotions, so when they get upset they become dangerous and violent. Spock may even become dangerous to Kirk. Spock is like your brilliant accountant or tax attorney. If you can please him, he will work his magic and save your financial future. But, he is not motivated by money or profit. He only helps those he deems worthy of his help based on the merit on their situation and the positive qualities of their personalities. Are they kind and helpful or angry and resentfully? The later means Spock will not help you. It was at this point I woke up, not knowing what would have happened if I had remained asleep. I assume it was the anxiety created by the uncertainly of Spock’s behavior that caused me to wake up and remember this interesting dream. I don’t remember my dreams as much as used to, and when I do sometimes they do not appear to be significant enough to write down. There could have been a whole series of adventures involving Kirk and Spock that had taken place before this ending part of the dream, but I don’t remember them.


Its impossible to speculate if Spock is able to learn the human languages that are different from what his mother spoke in only one day. His mother was a human and spoke in English around him as a baby and his father speaks perfectly good English. This would give Spock a huge advance in languages such as French, German, Italian and Spanish which use Roman Letters. It seems clear he could master Chinese for example, but that would take him more then one day of study. But, whether he had already learned all of the human languages not clear due to the high prevalence of the Universal Translator in future times.  He would have already mastered Klingon, and many other non human languages.

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