Tasmanian Devil Contagious Cancer

Updated: It seems according to this article The Tasmanian Devil going to be ok after all.

I saw a TV program on the The Tasmanian Devil. Most of their habit has become destroyed and few remaining devils left will not have enough genetic diversity to survive as a species. Under normal conditions individuals with lethal genetic traits die out. But due to lack of habit space the few remaining are more crowded. I want to remind people about the evils of Eugenics.

“For more than a century, devils were trapped and poisoned and they became very rare, seemingly headed for extinction. But the population gradually increased after they were protected by law in June 1941. During 1996 it became evident that Tasmanian devils were again under threat – this time from Devil Facial Tumor Disease.”

I first learned about Tasmanian Devil as a child from the Warner Bros. Cartoon Taz. In the late 60’s and early 70’s I watched a Nature Program called the Wild Kingdom. When the show went into reruns and no new episodes were made, I assumed they had run out of animals to profile. Little did I know there were many more animals in the world. Its amazing to think about how absolutely ignorant I was about so many things as a child.

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