I wanted to give Find A Grave the benefit of the doubt. I wanted to be nice to them, when I saw they had an ugly low res camera sideways photo of the grave of my grandparents and grandfather. I took a capture of it in http://archive.is/

Find a Grave
I had to join Find A Grave and create a username and password to try and get the photo taken down. I actually submitted a better picture I had taken with a quality camera. They would not take it down. I had to email the woman who posted it Christina Feyen, and she wrote back to me that she was too busy to attend to it. That she had a life, and I was imposing upon it. My first letter to her was very nice, but after that reply I said, if you need more time with your life why don’t you stop posting pictures of other people’s graves? I finally after days of work got Find A Grave, to take down the post. But, I found she had also uploaded other photos of my Grandmother’s family. I had to write again and again to them by email. I used Facebook, Twitter and other social media. I just got an email from them and I can’t write back because Yahoo Mail is down. But, it said, my relationship was not close enough to merit them to take it down. It is not my fault. I want all the photos of my family posted by Christina Feyen removed and it seems like that is not going to happen in spite the fact am a member of Ancestry dot com. When I call them for support, the phone service people are instructed to try and trick me into believing that Ancestry does not own Find A Grave. This failed to impress me. I have seen the Wikipedia. This means I won’t renew my subscription to Ancestry after the initial run. And I am posting this to stay for all time. Find A Grave is a sleazy website that tricks a bunch of stupid people into going to work for them and taking pictures of other people’s graves and uploading them without paying them. They owner then sold it to a big pay off for himself which he did not share with any of the uploaders. Find A Grave is filled with ads that cheapen your family tombstones. If you want those ads removed, you have to pay money to Find A Grave. There is no way I am paying anything to a sleazy website to promote photos taken by Christina Feyen of my family. Anyone who pays them money only supports them. If you see any ads on Find A Grave be sure to ignore them. The ads as far as I recall are for stalking websites and fake virus and computer clean up website which install spyware and adware. I am not fooled by all the photos they post of angels and that sort of thing, as if they are incharge of keeping history. There are a lot of sick people obsessed with death who click and comment on this type of thing. It just looks really trash. I found via Ancestry other relatives of mine in different cemeteries.   So, there could be some benefit, but I think if anyone wants that those pictures taken down it should be taken down. I don’t want to be buried in somewhere in public where people can go and take pictures. I think most people would like some privacy. For example some of my relatives are in places that are not publicly accessible.  Now, I can’t die until I rewrite my funeral plan.

This is part of what they wrote in the email which I got today saying they are not removing the photos.

” Find a Grave’s mission is to find, record, and present final disposition information from around the world as a virtual cemetery experience. Members add memorials out of respect for the deceased, in order to build a tribute to honor the individual. ”

Why would someone be either too lazy or too stupid to rotate a photo? Why are these photos not taking down at my request? This is corporate brainwashing and doublethink. It’s exploitation in a manner that pretends to be out of love and respect.\

Updated: I actually won this battle. I called Ancestry, credit card in hand, ready to demand my money back, which it says I have 30 days to request, and I got it deleted. I swore I would leave this blog up anyway, no matter what.

This reminds of the situation which is why I am at Word Press instead of Go Daddy. The CEO of Go Daddy killed an elephant and posted photos of himself rolling around in fresh blood. Elephants are very intelligent and they mourn their dead. I called Go Daddy demanding my money back, and they would not give it to me. I stayed up all night tweeting about it. I never got my money back, but I swore to never give them anymore money.  This also is related to the Dentist who killed Cecil the Lion.

“When Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist and avid trophy hunter, killed Cecil the Lion in July 2015, the incident ignited a fury.”

This was his office practice and phone number of his office, posted online that I saved so people could call and complain. You do not want to search for the details on this case, you will be too upset to survive it. Later the Lion Killing Dentist became an offensive Halloween costume.

Walter J Palmer
10851 Rhode Island Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55438
Phone number (952) 884-5361

The “Lion Killer Dentist Halloween Costume” is currently being sold by Costumeish.com for $99.99 (£64.91). The costume references Dr Walter Palmer, the US dentist who illegally shot and killed Cecil the Lion in late July, featuring a severed lion’s head, a smock and gloves splattered with fake blood and dentist tools in the front pocket.

I thought the costume was ok, because it raised the awareness Cecil the Lion. Cecil the Lion was a tame friendly Lion who loved people and once he was killed the other males (they said) would kill his cubs and cause his line to die out. The Dentist was too cowardly to hunt for a Wild Lion. He hired some natives guides to lured this gentle lion out of his National Park, so the Dentist could shoot him.

Always fight back. Do not put up with or give any money to any corporation that you don’t agree with.

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