Updated Nov 2018: I ended up going for the cheapest subscription because the World Search Index is terrible. I could not find anything about my ancestors who they came from Europe. The Newspapers dot com thing is a total sham, as I think you can get the same basic subscription free without Ancestry. So, maybe it is not so bad with the $20 subscription, but since few people want to pay monthly there is a lack of other people to find your relatives or learn more about your family history. The 3 fold military history option worked great, but it only has the US Wars.

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You will need to find your relatives in America, that cost $20 dollars per month, but naturally you probably have relatives in other parts of the world, so now you pay $34 dollars a month. Once you agree to pay that much you may as well add 10 more dollars to get the full deluxe package at 44.99, and it may go up, so let us say it costs 45 dollars a month to find your relatives or to look find out if your friends have died using the social security death index, that was free, but they took it, and sold it back to us. The price is hidden so deeply in the AncestryDNA website, that it took me half an hour to find it. So, I am posting it here for everyone to read, as of Sunday, August 26, 2018, the price of finding your relatives on AncestryDNA is $45 per month, which adds up to $540 dollars per year, and let us say you have to wait 10 years for your relatives to sign up to AncestryDNA. The cost of find your relative is now $5400 dollars for ten years, but what if it takes longer? (Don’t lose your relatives.) What if you never find your relatives? There is no guarantee you will find them, if they never sign up. Maybe with a money back guarantee, it would be more reasonable. If you don’t find your relatives in 10 years you get your money back? I could see maybe five dollars a month or a flat fee to have your name in a database in case your relatives turn up, but this is just too expensive.

Updated: I also found they are being less shady about the price. The price was easy to find this time and not hidden. When I first wrote this post I trying to find the price, and they basically were hiding the price until you agree to join and give up your credit card to the “free trial”. Everyone knows once you give up the credit card they can charge any price and good luck trying to get your money back. Which why I wrote this post about the price in case someone else was looking for it. If you don’t buy a highest level, you can’t get all the possible information, and there is not a lot of information that they have there. They basically rely on the members to do all the actually work of uploading family trees to the website. The only unique information there is the death records that used to be free and now no longer are free to the public.

Updated again: I went to Facebook to read what was going on, and I read a public post from a woman who complained that she working so hard and traveled so far and spent so much money to photograph graves for Find A Grave. I wanted to post to her, why did she do such a stupid thing? But it I was not allowed to make a comment on that post, it was not open to comments. These crazy people are under the impression that these graves are like little lost puppies, and they are helping people.  They should volunteer their time to walk dogs who are at the pounds, and leave the Tombstones alone. I can’t image wasting my vacation taking photos of Other People’s Graves.

Updated Nov. 1, 2018

The Ancestry representative swore that they do not own Find a Grave or Newspapers Dot Com. I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt and address my issues with Newspapers Dot Com separately.

Updated again: According The Wikipedia Entry for Find A Grave it is owned by Ancestry.
I can’t say for sure that Wikipedia is accurate as I know Wikipedia is filled with many errors, but the entry says Jim Tipton sold Find A Grave to Wikipedia in 2013. Ancestry instructs the phone representatives to lie customers who called them. He kept saying over and over they are separate websites, which is of course true, but he also said, they were separate companies which may also be true, but they are owned by Ancestry. I believe, but the matter is open to comments and debate. Not only that this is a direct quote from the Wikipedia, and in case the page changed I saved the page to http://archive.is/

“Although it does not ask permission from immediate family members before uploading the photos, it will remove and take down photos or a URL for a deceased loved one at the request of an immediate family member.[22]”

Updated Nov. 2 2018: After mounting a huge campaign of harassment I finally got both of the “memorials” removed to my Grandmother and Great Grandmother. I posted on Twitter and Facebook and Wikipedia. So, if this happens to you. You email Find A Grave and if that does not work, you can send a cease and desist letter to:

Find A Grave
1300 W Traverse Pkwy
Lehi, Utah 84043-5373

If that still does not work, don’t give up. If you keep trying you will get them removed.

Newspapers Dot Com
The free subscription you get with Ancestry to Newspapers Dot Com is pretty much worthless. There is a hidden clause that says you can’t view anything written before 1922. However, I did find a few things about my family that were very old, and I was able to complete my family tree, but there were still issues. It looks like one of my cousins who died never had his death reported to social security so it looks like he’s still alive. One of my cousins who I know has been married for like 20 years is still listed as being single. But, I am not able to really fix that, and I am just letting it go. Since without the documentation to back it up, it looks like I am just making things up. Maybe they are happier that way, and I don’t want to step on any toes.

I don’t think the subscription update to Newspapers is worth it. I don’t see any teasers of articles that could be mine if I paid. When you search the system finds similar spelled words that are wrong for example if your names is Jones you may find it hits on Bones and that sort of thing. If I try Newspapers Dot Com it will only for research of it to see if is worth anything. I don’t see myself as someone who pays to sit around all day and read old newspapers.




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