Parkview Mobile Estates in Palm Springs

This is my review of Parkview Mobile Estates in Palm Springs, California. I am not 55 years old yet, but I have been there to look at it at least three times. The view of the mountain is incredible, and each house in unique looking.  I think the floor plans are all difference. I tried to reach out to a real estate agent who claimed on You Tube he was selling the houses, but he refused to let me tour one. So, I have never been inside one of the houses. There are not trailers or boxy looking homes. They look like small houses.  Parkview Mobile Estates has a clubhouse and a pool. The property is build on a slope with the higher part closer to the mountain. This could be an issue for people with limited mobility, who want to live at Park View Mobile Estates. I also read online that the lease is up in 2027. I don’t know what that means. Will be park be removed to make way for something else like condos? Still, this is the prettiest of all the Palm Spring Parks. There are a few others, such as Safari Park, one can consider looking at, before making such a big decision, to buy or not buy. There is a space rent, charged monthly even if you buy, and I believe it varies based on the individual house one buys in the park. The park management has to approve of all buyers. Buyers can not rent out their homes. There is hiking nearby, but it is very vertical hiking, and probably not obtainable if one has arthritis. Still the views are nice, even if one can’t hike. One will need a car to drive to Downtown Palm Springs for shopping. There is parking and garages at each of  the homes, plus a visitor parking lot. The houses in the neighborhood with is called Tahquitz Canyon, Homes nearby are so expensive that Movie Stars have lived there. If you wish, google search and find the names of the Star Homes and their addresses. Most of the Stars don’t live in Palm Springs anymore. It’s fun to think you can live, for a reasonable price, near where the Stars of a bygone era once lived. Most of these famous Palm Springs inhabitants, such as Marilyn Monroe and Debbie Reynolds, are no longer with us.

I took this photo of the pool in 2013, to show the view of the Mountain. You can see the spa over on the side, which is huge in size.

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