Vintage Clone Dolls for Sale

I want to sell about half of my vintage dolls and clone fashion dolls. Some of them are made by Mattel and are Barbie, but most of them are other dolls. I have put some of them on Ebay, but not all of them have sold. I relisted some, and they still don’t sell. One problem is the listing only stays up for a short time, and I don’t want to pay relisting fees. I have seen some a Maddie Mod Doll that was over priced at $30 dollars on eBay. The hair had been cut. The doll was in terrible shape. That doll stayed on Ebay for over 10 years and it never sold. I realized the seller had forgotten about the auto relisting fees.  I calculated the lost more than $30 dollars in relisting fees. Even if the doll sells after 10 years they will lose money, as they have to pay a final fee to Ebay.  I found the doll again today, she was back on Ebay. She is Maddie Mod with her hair cut short. Click on the link to see if she is still on Ebay. I just found out, that this person probably has an account with eBay which allows them to list items for more than ten years without paying a relisting fee, because they pay a flat fee every month.

I wish there was a better place to sell these dolls. I did not want to try Etsy, but I thought this would be a way to keep my listing up for a longer time without paying a fee. I was directed to set up a “shop” but after I listed one doll, and (they wanted me to spend hours listing more),  they wanted my checking account routing number. I don’t want to give that to Etsy, in case the company is hacked, and my checking account is drained. It would be ok, if I had a small checking account with a low balance, but if I set one up then I have to pay a service fee to the bank. A low balance account generates a fee of $30 dollars per month at Wells Fargo which would out strip the money I would make selling dolls on Etsy. I would literally be working to lose money.  If I keep a high balance to pay my bills, I risk having my money drained and then I can’t pay my bills for the month, and this is all to make $10 dollars for doll. I wanted to go back and remove the doll. I had to close the account, but I sent Etsy a note when they asked to say why. The note said, I don’t want to sell this pink haired doll anymore, because I don’t want to give my checking account number. In a minute, I get an email, that says, fine with us, we don’t care, we closed your account. Now I can’t buy any doll outfits on Etsy, either. This is a warning, if you buy doll clothes on Etsy, don’t try to sell a doll, unless keep a low balance checking account for the purpose of Etsy. I have a lot of great dolls for sale such as this Steffi Love Doll. If you are interested you can contact me. I don’t know if word press allows doll sales. I have Gmail connected to word press and you can contact me.

Pink Haired Steffi Love Doll in vintage clone dress, Doll only for sale not the dress

Steffi Love by Simba Dolls. This doll is from the 80s. She is the older version of Steffi Love by Simba Toys a Germany Company. Steffi Love is still made today with a different face.  Dolls are very Clean, no smells, no damage that I can see.  I tried to sell her on Ebay, but she won’t sell. I had to charge $20 dollars on eBay, because these dolls are such good quality that they weight heavy in shipping, but I am willing to lower the price to see that they go to a good home.  I also have a grey haired one for sale. I have two doll one pink haired, one grey haired, you can buy both or just one. I don’t know much about Simba Toys, but I found this online. Simba Toys was founded in 1982 by Fritz Sieber and his son Michael in Fuerth. In the beginning, the company imported mainly from the Far East . In 1971, Wolfgang Sauerborn the later renamed Dickie Toys Company, which was acquired after his death in 1993 by Simba Toys.

Grey or white haired Steffi Love in Vintage Tennis Dress Doll only for sale not the dress

I am wondering why these dolls don’t sell. It may be the issue is the postage is higher as they are heavier plastic, then the very light weight clone dolls, made of hollow plastic. It could be the blank expressions on the doll’s faces. I like the blank expressions because that way one can project any mood or feeling. Barbie’s always smiling face limits her to one mood.

strolling fun
Strollin’ Fun Barbie 1995 this face mold is called the Super Star Face, a nice doll but limited in mood.

If the these dolls never sell, they at least got to live glory days online in cute outfits. The dolls that I really don’t like, I just give to GoodWill. The dolls I am selling are all dolls I like enough to care what happens to them. I would not want anyone to give these dolls to children to play with, unless they are older children who won’t chew on them. Plastic can be toxic to children. If the children are ready to treat these dolls with respect, and an adult or parent has taught them how to take care of dolls, and told them not to cut the hair because it won’t grow back, and not stick pins in the dolls, then I would children to play with them. Besides pins are dangerous for children to pay with. But, only vintage plastic is not safe for children. Please read about the dangers of older plastic dolls online before giving them to children. As the molecules in the plastic begin to break the plastic is not safe for children.

Epilogue: I have given up on selling those two Simba Steffi Love Dolls. I am just going to start experimenting on their hair to see if I can get it into better shape. The pink haired doll has amazing hair, and I have never seen one like it before, but its damaged. I am thinking I would like to dye the hair a darker sort of pink to bring back the color. I have tried to dye Barbie’s hair once before. I had a light blonde Barbie from the 90s called Sweet Roses or Home Pretty. I dyed her hair pink with Rite Dye. It did not work. I need to use a very powerful and maybe damaging dye. The Rite Dye would not stay in the hair and it washed out completely.  I always liked dolls with colored hair. The other doll, I could dye it any color as it has little color to begin with.

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