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Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me is a 1992 psychological horror film directed by David Lynch. It is a prequel to the television series Twin Peaks (1990–1991), created by Mark Frost and Lynch, who were also executive producers. The film revolves around the investigation into the last seven days in the life of Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee), a popular high school student in the fictional Washington town of Twin Peaks.


Lauren is not sure if she wrote this review of the Twin Peaks Movie Fire Walk With Me or not. It sounds like she did write, but she does not remember writing it. Maybe she saved it from the web, but she looked for it online and it is not online anymore. If you find you wrote this review please email me, at once, I will take it down at once. Thank you for understanding. Lauren is losing her memories due to excess use of first generation allergy medication, which was due to her love of dogs and cats and her allergies to them. Lauren is a cat lady who has never said, no to a needy kitten or lost dog.

Review of Fire Walk With Me as written by Lauren. This is not a review of the whole movie, but just of the parts Lauren felt were worth commenting upon.

I saw the Movie Fire Walk With Me, and I have not been so disappointed since I had seen the first Star Trek Movie. I am going to break it down as to why, in spite of a brief appearance by David Bowie, the movie failed for me.

Sheryl Lee looked too old to play Laura Palmer. This fact was made even more apparent by the recasting of Donna as very young-looking girl. I thought the two could be older and younger sister. Sheryl Lee looked at least 22, and if they had kept Lara Flynn Boyle as Donna it would have added to the believability, making Laura look more in her target age of 18. It would have wrong to recast Laura Palmer, so I guess they did the best they could, but they could have selected an older looking Donna.

Audrey was one of my favorite characters, so I was disappointed, that she was not in the movie. I would have rather seen what had been planned for season three of the TV show that was not made. As it turns out Season Three was a comic book, called something like “Bob is from a planet made of creamed corn.” But this comic book was never released. I got this information from a You Tube Video which cleared up a lot of mysteries about Twin Peaks.

So, when I watched the You Tube Video I noticed that once again Audrey as played by Sherilyn Fenn has been railroaded. Not only was she not in the Movie, but when she was in the New Twin Peaks what happened to her character was extremely disappointing. I don’t know if why the romance between Agent Cooper resulted from Kyle MacLachlan being pressured by his girlfriend who was Lara Flynn Boyle (Donna), or maybe he just did not want the romance to work out? There was no reason why after a time had passed that the romance could not have later worked out. Lara Flynn Boyle was no longer dating Kyle MacLachlan, she had moved on with Jack Nicholson. I wonder if it was Kyle MacLachlan who made the call or was it Lynch? Sherilyn Fenn and Kyle MacLachlan were still attractive, but Lara Flynn Boyle seemed to have some sort of plastic surgery disaster. Older is not so bad, as very strange looking. I am not just saying this because I am older. I would have liked to have seen Lara Flynn Boyle in Twin Peaks, as I admired her work in Ally McBeal. I liked all the cast of Twin Peaks. I can’t think of any of them, whom I thought were not good actors. I have said, never again, another Twin Peaks, but I got to thinking that Lara Flynn Boyle and James Hurley played by James Marshall could have some story to tell. I would have liked them to have gotten married. Also Bobby Briggs could have married Shelly Johnson, after Leo was killed. This could have happened in the third season of Twin Peaks that was never made.

Sherilyn Fenn could have done a spin-off movie, but that never happened either.
Instead Sherilyn Fenn did a movie called Boxing Helena, which was horrible, but at least it was a dream. Jennifer Lynch made a movie that never would have been made if she was not the daughter of David Lynch. I can just imagine if she was a nobody, and she went around pitching the screen play for Boxing Helena. I did not see Boxing Helena at the time, because I knew it would be horrible.

There was none of the quirky qualities of the TV show in the movie. I think it was almost like the movie was playing to a different audience. Possibly those who liked the TV show, would not be fans of the movie, and maybe those who really liked the movie, did not come to the movie, as fans of the TV show. One does not need to have watched the TV show to enjoy the movie. The original Twin Peaks moved very quickly, but the New Twin Peaks moved very slowly or not at all. The show seemed to be standing still during the whole Dougie affair. There are four Agent Coopers. Agent Cooper the Good, Evil Cooper, Dougie, and the character who was Douglas Jones before he was turned into Dougie. All were played by Kyle MacLachlan.

There are four David Foster Wallaces in the Pale King. The first is a character named David Wallace who is a young man, the second is an older man who is named David Wallace, but he never appears, but is only talked about. Then there is the fictional author of the book also named David Wallace, and finally there is the real author of the book David Foster Wallace. The Pale King predates the New Twin Peaks. I am not saying, one is a copy of the other, but I just want to note that David Foster Wallace, did it all before David Lynch.

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