Days of Our Lives Vintage Clip of Tony

I saved a short clip of Tony DiMera played by Thaao Penghlis from the NBC Drama Days of Our Lives from 2004. Tony was on stranded on a tropical island with the other characters, and he was betraying them at the time, but they did not know if they could trust him or not so they gave him the benefit of the doubt. In this scene Tony reveals that he can’t be trusted as he smashes a signaling device that they are using to help rescue them. I just recently found the clip in my files, and wanted to share it with other fans.

I believe the brevity (2 minutes and 30 seconds) of this clip constitutes fair use. I took five segments from the single day program. I believe the clip aired on, Friday, September 3 2004. I uploaded it to You Tube, in 2004, but it was deleted for some reason, by You Tube. I found the old files again on saved to a DVD and I had to reedit the whole thing to create a short story with a beginning middle and end. One can watch this clip, and understand it even without knowing anything about the Show Days of Our Lives.

Summary of the action in the clip:

Tony comes into the room wearing a black hood and gloves, and the audience does not know who he is, but then he pulls back his hood to show himself, then he smashes the device. Tony looks a photo of John and Marlena, and comments on it before he leaves. When Doug arrives after Tony is gone, Doug notices the smashed device and says, “Who would do this?” End scene.

Commentary on the clip:

I found the concept of the device to be interesting, as it reminds me of one of those fake box thing with wires, which you can find online as a black box that does nothing. Tony’s cane has a lion’s head on the top. At first we see Tony using the cane to cut the wire. This is not necessary, since Tony will later smash the device, but that is used to build dramatic tension. We don’t know what is going on, and will cutting the wire be enough to disable the device? It is incongruous to think that Tony would bother to disguise himself and then remove his disguise to show himself before completing his act of sabotage. But, this is what is known as a great villain aside. Even Shakespeare used this technique. The villain tells the audience what he doing or narrates his own actions. Kevin Spacey used this technique in the show House of Cards. In fact, this is what ultimately undid Andre who is an identical character to Tony and caused his death. Andre thought no one could hear him when he confessed to Tony’s funeral urn, what he had done. He addressed the urn as if Tony were present. Abigail over hears him and ends up killing him with the lid of the urn.

The clip spans the entire episode, and is never shown as a compact scene. I wish Days would not break up so many scenes in this way. There is constant cutting of scenes and mixing them in with other scenes, so one can’t watch and enjoy complete scenes. Even this 2 minute scene was broken into five parts with many commercial breaks and cuts to other characters having scenes. I am also stating the I have changed the work, and I am not giving away the heart of the episode, as it aired that days and many events occurred in that episode.


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