Woodleaf and Macy decide they would like to build a time machine. Woodleaf was forced to leave his lovely San Diego home that he shared with Ann, when it was determined that Ann did not exist. She may have existed, but she never met Woodleaf. Retreating to the boredom of Castle Fluffy Clouds, Woodleaf endeavors to construct a time machine. His first thought is to travel back in time and convince Mengele to establishment himself as a resident of Nueva Germania before his death in 1979. Macy would love to travel back to 1978, but South America, she feels is too dangerous. Macy and Woodleaf engage in a spirited discussion on the pros and cons of the Mengele situation. Macy points out the Mengele, if he was addressed as Mengele, would be a dangerous man. He may kill them, if he believed they knew his true identity. Mengele’s desire for secrecy would make the establish of the Mengele Shire nearly impossible. There would have to be some way to have Mengele claim the building in his lifetime, and there is no way he would do that. Macy also points out there would be very little market interest in a Mengele Shire. They would be unlikely to sell any tickets to go see it. As his Public Rep, she wishes he would drop the whole Mengele scheme.

Art from Smile by The Beach Boys or is it the House hidden in the Jungle?

After much debate they decide upon an easier task. Macy’s idea is to travel to 1966 and convince Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys to finish the Smile Album. This task will serve as a good test of the time machine, because even if it fails not much seems to hang in the balance of Smile being finished or unfinished. If it was finished it may have been a great work music, that would have stood to rival the Beatles. Although Smile has been finished, if it had been finished in the middle of Brian Wilson great creative period, it may have even outshined the Beatles, who were arguing with each other.  The Magical Mystery Tour with the exception of “I Am The Walrus” was much less successful than Sergeant Pepper. On The White Album Lennon and McCartney each wrote their songs independently from each other. This broke up the most explosive creative powerhouse writing teams in the history of popular music. The Beatles were on the decline, and did not come back at full strength until The Abbey Road Album in 1969. This left an opening for the Brian Wilson to over take them, if even for a short time. The Beach Boys could have been the most popular band in the entire world.

Brian wanted to Smile to be a more creative album then Rubber Soul. He was tired of surf music, which he found to be trivial. He was working with new lyric writers, because he did not want to use the same old surf lyrics written by Mike Love. But, the fans loved Mike Love’s voice and his lyrics, and the Surf Culture American Dream Life Style. They were not going to buy into Smile. They would not give it a chance. It would have been something so great that it could not be denied. In order to make the project work, they need to intercept Brian after he had heard Rubber Soul and before he had heard the single Strawberry Fields Forever. It has been reported the Strawberry Fields Forever was so creative that it made Brain give up. Rubber Soul was released December 3, 1965 and Strawberry Fields Forever was released as a single on February 13, 1967.  They could tell Brian that John Lennon was ultimately unhappy with Strawberry Fields. George Martin came up with the idea to create the false ending.  Many of the experimental sounds on  Strawberry Fields were created by accident. This knowledge from the future could make Brain focus himself and do better. He could have finished Smile instead of creating many short song fragments or he could have blended the microtracks into one long flow as the Beatles did on the second side of Abbey Road.

Rubber Soul was released December 3, 1965, and Strawberry Fields Forever was released as a single on February 13, 1967.  There is a very short time period in which Brain could be influenced. The question would be how to approach him. Macy wonders if it would be possible to also save Sharon Tate by pointed out that Manson’s Music would be successful in the future and making Manson’s recording deal happen.  Dennis Wilson had been a close personal friend of Charles Manson, because Manson had moved his family into Dennis’s home. Manson would have been so pleased with his record deal, he probably would have never thought of the idea to start a race war.  Later in 1983 she could save Dennis from drowning, but first she should save John Lennon from being assassinated on December 8, 1980. But, when Macy looks at the date February 13th of the release of Strawberry Fields, she wonders if she should instead try to create a delay in the release of Strawberry Fields.  Putting the release off even one day to February 14th, 1967 Valentines Day could be enough to change all the events that followed.

Macy: There are too many things we could be or should be doing when we travel back in time. It’s hard to know which one to focus on first, as one change could affect all of the other events.

They also consider saving JFK, but that has been done before in a novel by Stephen King, which failed miserably. Also there could be an issue in traveling back to 1963, before either of them were born, as they may disappear. Maybe there is a rule, that you can’t travel to the time before you were born as you may not exist anymore in that time period? Jack, however, is opposed to the Smile Project. He dislikes Brian Wilson, and does not appreciate the music of the Beach Boys.

Woodleaf hangs an ugly, brown painting of Sunny Woodleaf on her website, and refuses to update it. In case, they never come back from the time travel experiment, and become trapped in the past, this will be the last the world will ever see of Sunny Woodleaf. As Sunny Woodleaf does not exist she won’t be offended. The brown color of the ugly artwork seems to indicate that Woodleaf is somewhat displeased. White is Woodleaf’s signature color.  He likes everything to be white. He famously refuses to eat foods that are not white or sit on furniture that is not white.

white chair
Woodleaf bought this chair at great expense

It would not be such a bad thing if I could not come back from 1966, and I had to wait out the time in order to get to 2018, thinks Macy. But Jack is having none of it. Fortunately, Jack is very distracted with some online political debates, and Macy manages to leave without him noticing she is gone. Only after she leaves does the thought occur to her, that she was born on October 25, 1965, and she will never live long enough to come back to 2018. It will be a one way trip with no return possible, unless the time machine can carry them back in the present. Travel to the future seems harder than travel to the past, because the future has not happened yet. But, the past is already gone, so prehaps it is possible to travel to the future and not the past. They only need to step into the time machine and see what happens.

They must prepare for the trip however, by taking cash that is minted before 1966. The Stephen King Book about saving JFK 11/22/63  goes over a list of things one needs to travel into the past and blend in. However, the book was so unbearable that Macy did not manage to finish the book. She is not sure if the main character saved JFK. The uninteresting and unimportant pot boiler characters created by Stephen King to pull on our emotional heart-strings and waste space and time caused Macy to stop listening to the Audible Audio Book, before the character even got to the day of the assassination. For some unknown reason the character did not travel straight to the correct day, but rather many years earlier then 1966, and was forced to live out an entire life waiting for the day.  If  traveling to 1966 is successful, then they could go directly from 1966 to 1963? Macy realizes she did not read the how to do it part. She does not know how to stop the assassination of JFK.

Woodleaf thinks they could arrive in South America shortly after Menegle’s death and set up the shire.  He does not care about the historical accuracy as long as the tickets sell. He could start by being on the death scene, and collecting as many of Menegle’s belongings as possible after his death. No one would be likely to want them, and Woodleaf should be able to buy them with the South American Currency they will bring with them as part of the preparations. Then he can find or buy some old abandoned hut in Nueva Germania, and place Menegle’s belonging inside and take photos. Returning to the year 2005, he can place the photos on his Planet Juniper Website. The project will be successful this time, he thinks optimistically.

Woodleaf has found a new photo. He shows the photo to Macy.

angel island

Woodleaf: This could be Menegle’s house in Nueva Germania.

Macy: But, where is really?

Woodleaf: I don’t know. I am going to guess it’s an old photo of a structure on Angel Island. I found it a cafe. Someone must have left it behind.  It could be any place.

Macy: It is much better than that pile of bricks you were using before. It look at least like it could have been some sort of structure.  It’s a place that he could have lived, and it would be run down over time. You can say the real structure is even more dilapidated in current time. But, what is his motivation for wanting to live in Nueva Germania?

Woodleaf: Other then he could foresee into the future and want to help me, I don’t know. I have to think of a longer backstory. This could take some time.

Lauren’s note: We will patiently wait for Woodleaf to write a backstory.

Much later on the same day

Woodleaf: I came up with a backstory! I did some research after watching a tv program on Josef Mengele. They show a house like structure with an address of  5773, in São Paulo, Brazil, but they don’t give the street name. I was looking for the street name.

I am sure something will come to me, but I am not quite sure how to get Mengele into a house in Nueva Germania.

Macy: Mengele was seen in a sandwich shop in 2002, by a kind person who felt that Mengele did not do any of these things willing, but as a result of remote programing and mind control.

Woodleaf: That won’t work. Mengele was born in 1911, and that would make him 91 years old.

Macy: But, it is still possible, but not likely. If he was a very healthy individual that he would be able to go places.

Woodleaf: Not likely, he had high blood pressure. He could have still been alive, but this is a big IF, but still that does not get him into a house in Nueva Germania that I can use for my shrine.

An electronic voice on Woodleaf’s Phone announces, “Dr. Evil calling”.

Normally, Woodleaf would not take his call, but he want a distraction from this decision, of what time period to selection for travel.

Woodleaf answers the call, and puts it on speaker phone, so Macy can hear.

Dr. Evil: Woodleaf don’t leave on your trip. I want to have you booked as a nostalgia act. You should tour as Placid as doing the moldy oldies. There is a whole circuit of venues you can perform at, State Fairs and Retirement Communities.

Woodleaf: (annoyed) My age is 35.

Macy thinks: Woodleaf’s been 35 for the last 20 years.

Woodleaf: If you think this means I am going to give up, you are mistaken Dr. Evil. I am sure to become famous, any day now. Once I get back from my Time Machine Trip and change history you will be sorry, that you laughed at me.

Woodleaf slams down the phone.

Woodleaf to Macy: I don’t know what we should do now. I have been thrown off my concentration. I don’t know what would be the best year to touch down in. If we can only travel back in time once, we have to do it very carefully.

Woodleaf is trapped in inertia.  Macy eventually gets tired, and goes back home to Jack, without having time traveled.

Woodleaf has a dream in which the ghost of Sunny Woodleaf comes to him dressed as Doll, and tells him to go back in time and murder Mengele’s Cat. Most people don’t know Mengele had a cat named Fluffy.

czech doll
Sunny Woodleaf comes in a dream, and says she married Mark Devo

The next day, Macy had a strange story to tell.

Macy: Sunny Woodleaf melted away into an ectoplasmic puddle of white plastic, so I sweep her into a dustpan. I found my big funnel, and I put her into an empty plastic two-liter soda bottle. Then I put her out with recycling. Sunny came to my house in the middle of the night, with plans to record a You Tube Video to prove that she was real and was married to Woodleaf. She had ideas like showing off her ring, singing and doing a short dance with Woodleaf appearing somewhere in the frame. When I opened the door, I could see she was much changed from her previous appearance. I could recognize her by traditional costume. But, clearly something was wrong with her mentally. I would probably, put this down to associating with someone as crazy and capricious as Woodleaf. He changes his mind every minute of the day. Then the recycling truck came while I was asleep, and now my blue bin is empty. I have no idea if this was a dream, or if it really happened! I was so caught up in the moment I forget to take a photo to record the incident. Woodleaf said, it hardly matters, as her music does not sell. Then I got the idea to market her music for weight loss. Listening to her music creates nausea.  She melted away to just nothing. She weighs zero pounds, and no more than just a few ounces. She has been recycled, so she can become a lawn chair, in the future.

Shillman Doll Mini Mod

The next day Macy receives a call from Woodleaf.

Woodleaf: I just want you to know, I created another fake person, Mark Devo. That means, I can still be married to Sunny Woodleaf.

Macy: (Nervously) Ah yes, David, there is something I need to tell you about Sunny Woodleaf.

Woodleaf: Mark Devo is really myself! I combined the name the lead singer of Devo with the idea, similar to the Ramones, that each one in the band should take the last name Devo. There is Mark Devo, Jerry Devo and some other guys. Do you know who there are?

Macy:  I think there is a Bob Devo.

Woodleaf: Could there be a John Devo?

Macy: Unfortunately, I may have recycled Sunny Woodleaf, last night.

Woodleaf: I have to go! The doorbell has rung, and I am expecting a delivery of Obetrol so I can go doubling.

Woodleaf runs to the front door. He signs for the package, but when he opens it, instead of Obetrol, there are only some dead flowers and dried up twigs inside. He turns the box over and looks at the insides very careful to see if the Obetrol is inside, but its not there.

Feeling extremely disappointed, he decided to instead consume a large amount of legal hash. Woodleaf falls asleep, and has the most fascinating dreams. He is swimming underwater, he can breathe underwater. As he comes to the surface, he sees the pump white legs of senior ladies in inner tubes performing water exercises, so he dives down lower, and he sees a crystal place on the floor of the ocean.

The next morning he wants to remember these dreams, but they slip away from him.

The Girl Reporter Interviews Mark Devo

GR: Can you confirm the rumors that you are married to Sunny?

Mark Devo: Of course, I am not married to Sunny Woodleaf. The idea is crazy.

GR: Can you comment on how these rumors got started?

Mark Devo: David Woodleaf wanted to have a little joke. He figured he would get people to notice her lack of singing and music ability if they wanted to correct the posting in Wikipedia.

GR: Sunny Woodleaf maintains a presences in the Fashion World Today. It’s too bad she doesn’t exist. She closes the circle of historically horrible female vocalists started by The Cherry Sisters.

The Fashion Icon Sunny Woodleaf

Macy wonders when Woodleaf will remember Sunny or if will ever bring up the subject.

Woodleaf is preoccupied with the local post office. He drives to the post office with his box of leaves and twigs determined to get a refund. Woodleaf brings the box to the counter with the deaf plant material.

Woodleaf: I need Obetrol, so I can gain new insights. This is a box of dead vegetation. I demand a refund.

The hard faced clerk with the 70s facial hair growth is less than sympathetic.

Clerk: How do we know that you did not just take the Obetrol, and put dead leaves in this box?

Woodleaf walks back to his car murmuring under his breath.

“Stupid Post Office run by the Stupid Government that wants to remove all traces of fun from our lives and makes us into mindless working tax paying slaves.”

When he gets home he can’t find a way to contain his rage.

“I need to use the time machine to go back to when LSD and Speed was easy to get.”

He sets the dial on the time machine for 1967. The dial only has yearly increments. He knows he will be going to somewhere in 1967, but where?

Woodleaf is trapped someone in 1967, and it order to get back in created another fake website to try and trick people into donating money and being his friend. This fake website is called Kiddle Wikipedia. He pretends that he is a many people as he did with Castle Fluffy Clouds and his Planet Juniper Website. This group of imaginary people loves David Woodleaf.

kiddle Wiki
Woodard Kiddle Wiki


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