Lindsey Buckingham Fired

I have some comments about Lindsey Buckingham being fired from Fleetwood Mac. We don’t really know what is going on. I am upset about it, because I had heard an interview with Lindsey Buckingham for the first time with Dan Rather which made me feel like I got to know the good side of Lindsey Buckingham. I assume there is a bad side, and a violent temper that I don’t know about. I also read in an article, Lindsey Buckingham: Rock’s biggest jerk or misunderstood genius  in the Washington Post, which said, he was having tantrums on stage, and being cruel to Stevie Nicks.

I can’t make an judgments on whose fault it was, but I don’t like reading about the replacement members making statements about how wonderful everything is and how great the tour is going to be without Lindsey Buckingham. I just can’t become enthusiastic about a tour without Lindsey Buckingham. My favorite members of the band were never Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, and Christine McVie. I felt drawn to the Peter Green, Bob Welch, Lindsey Buckingham because I felt their music was more creative than Mick and McVie sound. Stevie Nicks is in a class by herself, I liked her work with Fleetwood Mac. I liked her solo work, but I never bought her records. Stevie Nicks was played so often on the radio, that I felt no need to ever seek out her music. The entire Rumors album was ruined by being over played on the radio. Choices were limited, by technology and budget, so just took whatever music I could get in 70s. Rumors was a special case, it was played over and over for about 20 years on the radio. Occasionally I would rebel and turn the channel or turn the radio off.

Many people don’t know, and I was shocked to find out that Ace Frehley and Peter Criss had been replaced from the Band Kiss by men who wore the same make up. Can a band just take members and discard them and replacement them with other people? No they can’t, it won’t be the same band.

Before the internet I did even know who the line up was for Fleetwood Mac. One could find out things if they were to read music magazines, but I did not have the time to read them or even the interest. In 1984, Go Insane by Lindsey Buckingham was played on MTV, and I did not even know he was connected to Fleetwood Mac. I even had the double album Tusk, but I did not read the liner notes. I just thought of Lindsey Buckingham as a New Wave Artist. But, once I learned his name, I later learned that Tusk was mostly Lindsey Buckingham’s idea. Then I realized he had been in Fleetwood Mac. I did not have to buy Lindsey Buckingham’s record because was able to heard it on MTV and the radio. I still really like Go Insane very much. I did buy the song in the age of playing music on iTunes.  In the interview with Dan Rather, I learned Go Insane was about Stevie Nicks and the lyric “She’s A lot Like You” was about Carol Ann Harris whom Lindsey was married to at the time. At the very moment when I was getting interested in Lindsey Buckingham and even thinking of buying some of the Tell All Books about Fleetwood Mac, Lindsey Buckingham is fired. I was even thinking a could use some of the material in the books as an inspiration to write fiction. I was seeing a tragic love story between Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks who waited too long to love and commit to each other, and now they have run out of time.

My favorite Fleetwood Mac song had always been the song Hypnotized by Bob Welch, and although I did not know who he was either. I loved the song Oh Well by Peter Green. I don’t thing everything did Lindsey Buckingham fantastic. I did not really like the songs Second Hand News and Go Your Own Way. My favorite track on Rumors was You Make Loving Fun. I feel that it’s a mistake for Fleetwood Mac to throw someone away in the band, and then not even tell us why.


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