Killing the Cable Guy Dream

Killing the Cable Guy

April 11, 2018

Macy’s Dream

I have been taking Singulair (montelukast) for asthma and allergies. I don’t normally have nightmares, but Singulair causes them. I was living with my boyfriend who is a demon named Jack with a terrible temper. Jack is Black Irish and I find him to be incredibly handsome and totally sexy. Jack is 20 years younger than me as well. William S. Burroughs had a boyfriend named John Brady, who could therefore be called Jack, but Burroughs called him Johnny. That is where I picked the name Jack for the boyfriend character. It seemed that Burroughs abandoned Johnny when he moved to America. He wanted Johnny to come with him, but only if he would stop drinking and get a proper job. He wanted Johnny to become a policeman in New York, as they were mostly Irish. Johnny did not want to stop drinking, and he was always begging for money. This seemed to annoy Burroughs and he cut Johnny off and told his friends, not to give Johnny anymore money. I am basing all of this on the definitive biography of Book, Call Me Burroughs: A Life by Barry Miles. Barry Miles based it on letters that Burroughs had written to his friends about John Brady. It’s all very interesting, if you read the book. I don’t want to give it all away. After John Brady disappeared Burroughs wanted to contact him, and could not find him, so he wrote Johnny into some of his books and stories as a character who was a policemen’s son. Burroughs also had a habit of ending relationships by moving away. But, he still wanted to stay in touch. He had a difficult relationship with Irish people. He believed he was molested as a child by his nurse who was Irish. In the book Junkie, he makes an Irish friend who helps him get Junk. Yet, he would still go on racists tirades about the Irish and about the Jews, in spite of the fact, that Allen Ginsberg who was Jewish was his closest life time friend. Burroughs was a very complex man, but he was practical. He would say things, but then do things to contradict the things he said. Above all he would befriend anyone of any race or religion even if he professed not to like them, if that person was useful to him. He was very lonely, and always seeking out friends. He hated to let friends go.

In the dream the cable guy came to our house and some how Jack got into a fight with him and punched him and knocked him out. He was still alive. Jack locked him up in a room and then we talked over what to do with him. Jack was of the feeling he would go to the police, and we could never let him go. We would have to kill him. I mentioned this was a nightmare. Unlike the usually dreams I have that end with love and peace, this one ended after Jack really killed him and I was so upset, I woke up with a start and it took me two hours to get back to sleep.
Singulair is known for causing nightmare. If you look it up and research it, you will find a number of reports. I normally take it in the morning because of that. Singulair does not make me tired, and it seems to give me energy. So maybe my story can help you decide about Singulair.

Updated:  June 23 2018 I believe some damage was done to the crawl space of my house by the Dish installers. The cost of this damage will cost one thousand dollars to fix and I don’t see what recourse I have, as I can not prove Dish crushed my duct work.

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