Dish vs Comcast in Ukiah CA


Xfinity refuses to provide an X1 box to Ukiah residences.
If you want a Xfinity DVR in Ukiah, you will get this outdated box from the 90s.

This is a Comcast Box, and not the new X1 box found in San Francisco and other major metropolitan areas.

Grandfather's DVR
This vintage piece of ancient equipment was given to me by Xfinity Comcast

Xfinity is either too lazy, or too cheap or does not care enough to construct a line to Ukiah. Therefore the X1 box will not work in Ukiah.

I moved from San Francisco to Ukiah, and when I was living in San Francisco, I had an X1 Xfinity Box, and it was the best and most advanced DVR I ever had used. I was an early adopter of TiVo. I got TiVo, because I used to listen to Howard Stern (before he changed to Sirius radio) on FM radio. Stern talked about TiVo, so I decided to try it. I was happy with TiVo for many years. But, things began to change. Xfinity is the same company as Comcast. Xfinity did not want TiVo to make any money so they began to sabotage TiVo. They fixed things so TiVo would not work with Comcast, and began to offer much lower prices on their own DVR.

I tired the Comcast DVR (shown above) and it was terrible, so I dumped Comcast in favor or Direct TV. I had Direct TV and TiVo for two years, but it did not work out, so I went back to Comcast. Comcast became Xfinity. I was happy with my X1 Box, but when I moved to Ukiah, I could not get an X1 box here.

Instead they gave me the same old terrible DVR from the 90s. I call it Grandfather’s DVR. I thought about getting Dish, but Dish was way over priced. I decided to wait for an X1. However, Xfinity refuses to begin to construct a line to service Ukiah. Xfinity is a very rich company, but they won’t give back to the us, by doing a little construction. As far as I know they have not even started to build a line. They refuse to acknowlegde there is even an issue with the line. I asked them many times for a date in which they would start or complete the line, but I have never gotten a straight answer, other then at some vauge time in the future.

Grandfather’s DVR only tapes two shows at once. The Olympics was ruined. After two years of waiting for an X1 box, I gave up and got Dish. I still have Comcast for my internet.

The Hopper 2000 fails to work. I am not able to tape shows, and I am not able to find shows. It is hard to explain what is going on, but it often fails to tape a show for NO reason. Sometimes later the show will show up. I spend hours struggling to program and reprogram the Hopper to tape my shows properly, only to have it fail to work.

Today I got up at 7am, but instead of turning on Good Morning America, I made coffee and did a few things around the house. At 7:30 I went to turn on GMA , and it was not taping. It gave me the option to start taping, so I clicked ok. It began to tape, but I had missed the first half hour. Now I have to be a slave to the times of my shows and constantly check them to make sure they are taping. I can watch it GMA tomorrow on Hulu, one day late, but the point is I pay $80 per month, and there is no excuse for this failure.

Furthermore no other programs were taping at the time. There was no excuse for the Hopper 2000 which claims to have four tuners to not tape a single show on even one tuner. I called tech support for Dish and the representative refused to replace the Hooper 2000. He came up with excuse after excuse for why GMA failed to tape, such as it was a low priority, but I had fixed the schedule to make GMA and Days of Our lives numbers 1 and 2 priority. For some reason all the new shows I taped moved GMA, but not Days down to a low priority.  Now only this but Days of Our Live has failed to tape on Bravo for the last two weeks. I was not that into the old episodes of Days of Our Lives that are rerun on Bravo, so in my despair, I have not even tried to fix this issue.

I looked at my timer options and it clearly states that new shows are to be added as the lowest priority. I checked the options over and over. Instead of fixing the issue the representative gave me a chance to replace the Hopper 2000 with the Hopper 3. I said, why was I not given this chance to have a Hopper 3 to begin with? I have only had Dish for about a month. I don’t feel confident that the Hopper 3 will work either.
What I really want is an X1 Box. The X1 box works better then even the best TiVo. I tried to use the TiVo Bolt for a while in Ukiah, but it failed to work after about 9 months it stopped working at all. I also lost an entire years membership to TiVo, because they charged me $149 dollars for a full years service on my credit card without asking me or notifying me that they had done so. TiVo stopped working about two months after I had paid the full $149, and TiVo did not refund my money. Needless to say, I am not happy with TiVo, but I would still take it here in Ukiah if it worked, but right now that is not an option. The only Tivo that I really liked was the early Tivo that used a landline to get the programming information. Ever since the HD revolution Tivo has been sadly lacking.

The Dish Hopper is the slowest DVR I have ever used. Each time I press a button there is a very long lag time to move to the next step. There is no Live TV button. They claim there is a Live TV button, but that does not work. To watch Live TV, I have to either go to the Guide which is very slow and pick the show even if I am already on the correct channel. The show plays as a picture with in the menu, or I have to go to the recording of the show and click Live TV. Most of the time I want to watch the show from the beginning and that option is three options down on the very slow remote. I can not just press record unless I am in the big picture and there is no short cut to get there.

I don’t want to upgrade to the Hopper 3, due to the fact, the Hopper 2000, should be good enough, but it is NOT good enough. If it would do what is should to do, which is tape four shows at once, and not fail to tape a simple program.  There are many issues with loading. If I want to select a certain episode of show first I have to go to icon which contains all the show of any program for example “Star Trek”. Then I have to pick out the episode I would like to watch, example “Mirror Mirror”, then I have to select Mirror Mirror.  At this point the Hooper 2000 which has been very slow all along gets even slower The wheels go round and round. The Hopper is thinking about bringing up this show. I wait for a while, then I get bored and go off to do something else. I return to the set, and it’s back on Live TV. I have to start all over again to watch a show. Tivo would never behave like this.  Each time I selected a Show on Tivo it would quickly get me that show. I never noticed any lag time. I don’t understand why Dish is going backwards in technology. Even the oldest and most primitive Tivo was faster the the Dish Hopper. The will update this blog to review the Hopper 3 in the future.

Updated April 11, 2018

It turned out, they had given me something called the Hopper 2000 and not even the Hopper 2. I told them on the phone when I ordered Dish I was a very big DVR person, and I was still given a primitive piece of equipment that is little better then Grandfather’s DVR. The Hooper 3 is working perfectly with no problems so far. I have no idea why when I told them, I was doing it all for a better DVR that I would get the lowest one and be given no choice. Stand up for your rights. Don’t accept a broken piece of junk. They have better ones, if you demand them.

Updated September 4, 2020
I ended up dumping Dish and I decided to use online only services. First I tired Sling because it was cheap, but i did not like it at all. Then I tried Hulu TV, but it was too slow to fast forward and too hard to find the shows I wanted to watch. Then I tired Google TV which is the called You Yube TV. I wrote a review of it which I later deleted. But ultimately I did not find it satisfactory.

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