Facebook is a Bully

In light of the privacy issues, Facebook promises to make sweeping changes. I would like to discuss some other issues that Facebook needs to change.

Facebook is a bully. If you have a friend who does not post very much, Facebook will send you messages telling you to message or post on their wall in an effort to make that person post more. People have many different reason for limiting their posting on Facebook. I would never help Facebook by nagging my friends. It would make me look like an annoying, overly emotional and needy person.

I had a friend who committed suicide. I was really upset. I had two weeks before his death invited him to my house to play with dolls. We were doll collectors and he lived very close to me at the time. He did not come and he killed himself. I thought if only he had come, I could have cheered up and he would have lived. He was not posting because he was DEAD. Facebook would everyday demand I should message him and post on his wall. I was forced to unfriend him, because I could not handle daily nagging with a painful memory.

You can not delete your profile, EVER. If you try to delete your profile Facebook makes you solve an unsolvable caption or listen to words and type them back, that I am not able to hear or understand. The best you can do is to make your profile inactive, which means it lies dormant waiting for you to start posting, which is no better then just ignoring your profile.

Facebook won’t let you change your name. There are all kind of name rules and facebook is always changing them. I can’t pin down what rules are currently.

Facebook assaults your eyes with constant memories that you don’t want to remember. There is no way to turn off the memory feature. Facebook forces you to “celebrate” years of friendship with people who you rarely see or talk to at all. There is no way to stop that. If you don’t “celebrate” the other people may be upset at you.

Facebook wants you to grow old and ugly and share it with the world. Hollywood Celebrities don’t release old looking photos of themselves, but Facebook was nagging me when I had not change my profile photo for years. Facebook would nag me with the words “Take a new profile photo to show people what you look like now”

The meaning “you are now old and we don’t want people to be fooled by younger photos of you.”

I changed my profile photo after a while, but then I changed it back to the one I wanted. Each time you change your profile, Facebook spams all your friends about it.

You can not delete the profile spam. The best you can do is go into setting for the photo and make it private.

If you change relationship status, but don’t want to have all your friends spammed, you are not allowed. I would go and delete the relationship spam from my profile, but that would change my relationship back to the way it was. I had to go and quickly make it private, but people saw it anyway, as they were all instantly spammed. I am sure people are just waiting for me to be “single” so they can jump on the old lady train that is me. LOL This is not even funny. I am humiliated by Facebook.

Facebook demands your phone number and shares it with your “friends”who you may not want to speak with on the phone. Facebook “calls” people on your behave on the phone apps. It often does this by “accident” If you don’t give your phone number, they can lock you out of your account forever.

Facebook creates feuds between people, and if it does not like words that you are typing, it will freeze you from being able to post or give you a timeout.

I lost touch with a friend who moved to Europe. It turns out she had been posting a lot about a band she was in.  I was not following the daily posts she made about her band. So, when I wrote to her, she did not even reply. There is no way I can go see her band in Europe. I used to see them when they were in the US. Facebook lost me my friend. I don’t know if some of my friends put my conversations on mute. Those friends I have go and defreind them. It’s hard to say goodbye to the lady with the band. I knew her in real life.

Some people post many times per day to Facebook. It is too much to keep up with all of that. Some people never post for many years, and then I wonder what is up with them. I try to post a little bit, but not very much, just to keep things running smoothly, but I resend having to do so. I feels like work and not fun anymore. I prefer to post to Twitter. I don’t have friends on Twitter and I like it much better.

I love my friends and family. Facebook take your friends and sells them back to you, and then bullies you. I follow my friends, but I often do not see their posts in my newsfeed. The feed favors groups, pages and ads. There is a way to put “see first” on, right now, but I am not sure if that really works. They are always changing and creating more things to do that are a lot of work for us. If you have a friend in which their friends post things to their page, you will end up seeing posts that are from their friends in your feed and not from that person you want to keep in touch with.

I am not going to take it anymore. To show Facebook who is the Boss, I am not going to ever buy any product from a Facebook Ad. If we stopped supporting those companies who create Facebook Ads, the economic losses will force Facebook to stop bullying us.

Update: There are so many thing wrong with Facebook, that I forgot some of them. Facebook won’t accept Yahoo Mail anymore. I changed from my Yahoo Mail to a Proton Mail, but I did not like Proton Mail, so I got a new Yahoo Mail. When I try and change to my new Yahoo, it says this email is disabled. As if I had done something bad. I had just opened the new yahoo a few minutes before, so I am sure I did not have to time to go on Facebook and do something bad and get my account deleted. So, now I am stuck with Proton mail like it for not, just for the Facebook Account. I was able to change everything else to Yahoo, but now I have to keep a whole separate email just because Facebook is crazy, stupid and illogical.

Updated:  4/6/18I knew this would happen, they want to charge money for Facebook to protect us. I don’t agree. Facebook is an out of control monster. If it did not exist we would not need it. If one does not have a Facebook ones life is severely limited. Without a Facebook people think one is a weirdo or a degenerate with something to hide. One’s ability to find jobs can be limited. Linked in owned by Microsoft is too annoying and the interactions are forced. At one point LinkedIn demanded we endorse each other for skills that we did not know anything about. How can I volcher for strangers whim I don’t know in real life?

I only keep a Facebook to see my friends and families updates. I don’t enjoy it. By the way I could pay for Facebook, but all internet services want us to buy monthly subscriptions. There is a limited to how many services one can afford. On the surface a small monthly fee for Facebook seems reasonable, but not in light of all the other services demanding monthly fees. Apple devices won’t work properly or play music without a monthly fee.  I can’t use Mircosoft Word for my documents with buying a subscription. You demands a subscription called Red. Netflixes and Hulu demand a fee for basic TV watching. Every Company now wants money. I only give to companies that have been, in the past. I do not reward undesirable behavior with cash. It’s too late for Facebook to change its ways, and stop bullying and nagging me to nag my friends.

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