I Love Dick is a TV show made by Amazon Prime was cancelled January 2018.
Most people are incensed by the TV Show which showed the main character behaving very selfishly, but did you know, it’s all real?

A woman named Chris married to a Holocaust Scholar named Sylvère Lotringer pursues a single man sculptor (Kevin Bacon) inside an artist colony located in Marfa, Texas. Based on an autobiographic novel by Chris Kraus called I Love Dick. All the people in the show are real people. The woman is the writer of the book, her husband is Sylvère Lotringer is really an intellectual who hosted William S. Burroughs at Nov Con in 1978, and published a literary journal called Semiotexte, and is actually a Holocaust Scholar.

I still don’t know why it has been cancelled, but one of the producers, I believe was involved in the Me Too Scandal. But, this does not seem like a reason to cancel it, just fire him and move on. It could have been cancelled, because the story was all told, but it did not have definite ending. Is the woman going be with Kevin Bacon or her husband?

This show may go down along with (The Sopranos and Lost) as one of the worse ending in the history of shows. If they knew it was only a one season deal, why leave all the plotlines unresolved? The only clue is that Chris Kraus and Sylvère Lotringer got divorced in 2016. Which means her marriage does not work out, but does she get with Kevin Bacon?

“‘As with I Love Dick, all the facts are true, says Kraus.” From an article in the Guardian.

I also found out from the source Kevin Bacon is Dick Hebdige. Since he was British, I am thinking Hugh Grant would have been right for the part of Dick.

All Kevin Bacon had to say about the role was he hoped his character would be given more depth.  Now, I have to read the book and Chris Kraus wrote another book that sounded interesting, Aliens and Anorexia.

Chris Kraus compares I Love Dick to Queer by William S. Burroughs, but I don’t see the two as similar. For one thing, Joan is never mentioned in Queer, and Burroughs and Joan were not really married. Burroughs spend months traveling with his obsession, Allerton,  Adelbert Lewis Marker without Joan. I got the understand that Joan knew the score and they were in a Platonic relationship at that point. I don’t think Burroughs killing Joan had anything to do with Marker, I think it was just an accident. But, I discovered that Marker was there when Joan was shot and he was first one to help Joan. Everyone else was too stunned to do anything.

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