Wood Yi

I am a huge Woody Allen fan. I do not think he is child molester. That being said, I really loved the Howard Stern Woody Allen Parody character Wood Yi. He was played by Steve Freid. It all started when the Woody Allen/Soon-Yi   Event occurred. Wood Yi combines their two names together. Once forgotten the Wood Yi character parodies the affair. Nothing could be found about Wood Yi online in the past, but now Wikipedia has an entry and there are even a few YouTube Videos. I downloaded two songs sung and rapped by Wood Yi from the internet, back in the day. I can hear Jackie’s whooping laughter in the background. Back in the days when the Stern Show was fun and entertaining, and not all about porn, I really got happiness from the old Stern Show. To be fair, I still hear Stern on Sirius and sometimes he does not talk about porn, but there is no guarantee he won’t start to talk about porn at any time. If you tell Stern to stop, he will only go on all the more.

Jackie Martling is not giving credit for just how good he was on the show. Howard tried to erase Jackie the Jokeman from all the history of the show, and say he was never good. Jackie had these songs he would sing in the “voice of Robin” which sounded more like Lady Di, then Robin, about the news, that were really funny. After Howard fired Jackie and went on Sirius, he hired some guy to write a porn songs about Robin that he would play each time she did the news. The porn songs were gross and unfunny. You can find these songs all over the internet on porn based sites. Howard does have his funny moments when he pretending to be his own mother, but he is not as funny as Jackie. I think that why he hates Jackie so much.

On the subject of Wood Yi, I invited everyone to check out the videos. I have respect for Woody Allen that he did marry Soon Yi, but like many other people have stated it does not excuse what he did. It does make a difference to me, that he did not discard Soon Yi and move on to a younger woman. I know he is not a child molester. I know someone else would accused him (to get money) if he had molested any children. Soon Yi was of age, but what he did was still wrong. He needed to break up with Mia before pursuing Soon Yi. Or at least he should have moved out. In the parody on you tube, Mia kicked Woody out of the house for molesting Soon Yi. This video is called the first appearance of Wood Yi. Please watch and listen to them all in order. I do believe Woody Allen when he says, why would he come back to Mia’s house and molest her daughter who was like eight at the time? Mia had already kicked him out. The alleged incident occurred after she had kicked him out. Why would Mia allow Allen back into the house, and allow him access to her daughter unsupervised? She had already began to divorce him and was in the middle of the divorce legal battle? Did she not change her locks? Did she leave her daughter home alone? None of it makes sense. She had like 13 children at the house. How did Allen sneak in with his key? Did he break a window? Why was this not in the police report? Please comment if you have more information, but this is the timeline I am working with.

woody Allen

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