Girl Reporter:  What do you want to talk about in your interview today?

W: (silent)

GR: If you don’t have anything that you want to talk about I have prepared some questions.  First of all, Woodleaf, exactly is it that you do?

Woodleaf: I am a writer, but also a conductor and a composer, and a businessman.

GR: Do you play an instrument?

W: I do not.

GR: Are you a performance artist?

W: Certainly not, if you were to imply that I would perform for the amusement of others.

GR: Tell me about the begonia that was blooming in the bottom of Lake Blanca.

W: That was part of my story. A begonia is incapable of blooming in the bottom of a lake.  The begonia could have been a symbol of hope.  I will leave it to the readers to draw their own conclusions.

GR: Fascinating

W: It was blooming, until it died of neglect and inclement weather.  Here is a picture of it that I saved.  You can use this in the article.  Thank you again for interviewing me. You are a gracious young lady.

red begonia

Woodleaf wanted to start his Begonias from seed, but the seeds were very tiny and he could not get them to germinate. Months were spend dealing with under heating floor pads, misting watering systems, and humidity domes. It’s illegal to mail any plant material such as a bulb that may contain soil. Bulbs must be packed in pine wood shavings for shipment. Mailing the almost microscopic begonia seeds was easy to send in a postal letter, but he kept forgetting to buy stamps. And if he bought stamps he often misplaced them.


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