Halloween Trick or Treat


The Black Fluffy Cat in Residence at Castle Fluffy Clouds

Halloween preparations are underway at Castle Fluffy Clouds. The pumpkins have been harvested, and placed in the foyer along with colorful corns that Woodleaf insisted be all replaced with white corns. The black fluffy cat is seated up on the bed near the head.  She is purring and shredding the bed clothes with her claws showing Halloween spirit.

The spatter paintings in Jackson Pollock style made at Castle Fluffy Clouds, were poorly received, because they look like they were made by monkeys.  They were in fact made by the children of the Castle. Paint was thrown not just on canvases, but all over the walls, and the walls had to be repainted. Many pieces of furniture were ruined.

“It’s all worth it!” declares the Nanny of the children, Frau Dunkelwelt. “It’s important the children express their creativity, at any cost.”

Back in San Diego, Woodleaf and Ann are spending a quiet evening at home.

Ann answers the door to Trick-or-Treaters. She reads disappointment in their faces as she dispenses into their Halloween bags plain white dinner rolls which she buys at a Health Food store, because they have no high-fructose corn syrup. She cares about the children, and her husband Woodleaf only allows white food to be brought into their San Diego seaside home. Suddenly an answer comes to her, white chocolate. Woodleaf intervenes, white chocolate, he declares will be acceptable. They rush out to the store to buy white chocolate, but it’s all sold out.

Slice of Life Extra Bonus scene:

Woodleaf and Ann at Lunch time

Ann: I always make my husband’s lunch. He eats mashed potatoes for lunch, only the white ones. He only eats white foods. In the morning, he eats untoasted white bread with butter. I butter the bread for him. Sometimes the bread is too soft and the butter is too hard and it falls apart and he gets mad.

Woodleaf: Stop it, Ann. you’re embarrassing me. Bring me a white coffee.
My energy is lagging. Rehearsal is exhausting. The Bears are not growling on cue.

Holy Jungle Book Song is an unfinished and unreleased track created by Woodleaf and Cracky. Some copies may be floating around, but we have not found any to date.

Primary influences for the Holy Jungle Book Song were Hooked on a feeling by Blue Swede 1974.

Bungle In The Jungle by Jethro Tull also from 1974. A bashful Ian Anderson down plays the song’s merit in interviews as it failed to be successful outside of the US, but Woodleaf and Cracky found it to be genius. The interaction between humans and animals was the inspiration according to the singer and songwriter Ian Anderson.  Woodleaf and Cracky found interesting details hidden in the lyrics.

Yassassin (Turkish for Long Live) by David Bowie. The word does NOT mean Long Live. As the number of immigrants grows they “don’t want to leave or drift away” as in the song lyrics written by David Bowie. David Bowie claimed in interview Yassassin was about Turkish Immigrants. (See quote below)

“While living in West Berlin between 1976 and 1978, Bowie saw Yaşasın scrawled on a wall in Neukölln, a district popular with Turkish migrant workers. He asked about and when he found out it was in Turkish, he asked the Turkish Embassy what it meant. Told it was ‘Hooray! Long Live’, Bowie was inspired to pen a song from the view of a Turkish migrant worker who’d left his homeland for a better life in Germany. Yassassin is the fourth track on Lodger (1979), and was also released as a single in Holland and Turkey.”

The Noisy Family by The Percival Dove Orchestra. All the instruments come together including the pinging of the triangles and the clash of the cymbals to create the Noisy Family. The Big Bass Fiddle is the companion song to The Noisy Family, perhaps the B side track on the 45 single. This song has never been released on CD.

As stated earlier (in a deleted entry) Woodleaf’s signature color is white. All his food is white, his favorite album is The White Album By The Beatles. He claims a connection with the author of The White Book. Woodleaf is in a race to claim each white object as his own before someone else claims ownership. A canvas painted white became the White Painting. The White Noise Machine was one the boxes he sold online. All his furniture was white, but it stained badly. His favorite David Bowie incarnation is The Thin White Duke. 

Rehearsal on the glass enclosed sun porch in San Diego

Jungle Book Land Song

Woodleaf: Cue the dancing bears

Walking through forests of palm tree apartments
Scoff at the monkeys who live in their dark tents

We came to the Jungle Book Land
to get away from the Four Fruits
But as it turned out the

Cracky: It’s not a Jungle. Its a subtropical forest.

Woodleaf: Shut up, Cracky, you will ruin the recording

Take it from the top

(soft rhythmic drumming)

We came to the Jungle Book Land
Where the Barbaloo Bears play bongos
in their Bear Barbaloo Suits

Woodleaf: Stop, wait, cut

Suits rhythms with fruits
try to work in some way to blend suits with fruits in the lyrics

Bears Growl Now

Woodleaf: Dramatic aside: I am liking the bears, but is there some way to turn off the pigs, chickens, cats, and dogs in Triple Town?

Growl, the Bears ate all our books
We forgot our history, so we

Cracky: Everyone forgets their History. Consider the California Indians.

Woodleaf: Cracky, no more side comments. Stick to regular bird cries, you are throwing off my creative composure.

Bears, at the ready!

Growl, Dance, Flash Red Eyes

Cracky Squawk Now

Ooga-chaka Ooga-chaka

Bring in George of the Swinging Vines

We have no Jungle, but there are some Trees

Poor George! He hit the tree again.

We came from the cities to live in the forest


Cracky: What does that mean?

Woodleaf: Its Turkish for to become greater than or to strengthen.

The cymbals cling, the triangles ting
It comes together a wonderful thing!




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