Dr. Evil: How could you, Buffy?

Buffy: I am really sorry. I will never do it again.

Dr. Evil: You invited these degenerate people into our lives, and now one of them has clearly over indulged in drugs and drowned in our hot tub.

Buffy: I am really sorry, I feel terrible. I was lonely. You are always away on business. I wanted friends. I wanted to feel popular and like I had friends.

Dr. Evil: Who was this woman?

Dr. Buffy: She was one of Woodleaf’s wives

Dr. Evil: I knew it. Woodleaf is the source of all types of troubles and criminal acts. But, Woodleaf is going to get us out of this. I am going to call him right now.

Dr. Evil to Woodleaf: Who was this woman?

Woodleaf: She was Veronica Dare, one of my ex wives.  She was beautiful, but tendency to play loud metal music, and binge on junk food disturbed my peace. Chips crunch so loudly when I am concentrating.  Macy and I have no time for your petty amusements, Dr. Evil. We are busy building my career. We don’t have time to help you.

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