Son of Sam
The Killer Speaks (TV Show):

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David Berkowitz Being interviewed from prison
David Berkowitz shot the dog because it barked too much, then he decided the dog had told him to kill people. He seems very sincere, that he is sorry. But, he had a long time in prison to think about what he was going to say. He said, that his adopted mother lied to him, and told him his real mother was dead, when she was not dead and the betrayal he felt caused him to go over to the dark side? I am not actually sure, why he would kill people because of this. My analysis is¬†Berkowitz not actually crazy but pretending to be crazy, and hoping to act sane enough to get out some day. I never understand why people just kill random people to get revenge on people they want to get revenge on, but can’t or won’t.¬† It just happens all the time. Everyday someone seems to go crazy and start shooting people.

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