Idle Race


Woodleaf: Macy if we can’t get Manson for the concert what bands can we get?

Macy: We can get Idle Race.

W: Idle Race, no one has ever heard of Idle Race.

M: The lead singer was born in 1947. It’s hard to get people from 50 years ago, because most of them are dead or too old to perform.

W: Keep working on the concert. It will bring people together, and put them in the mood to want to join Castle Fluffy Clouds, which I will tell them is a hippy commune.

Can you get Canned Heat?

M: Maybe Hot Tuna? Blind Owl is dead, he killed himself, because we were not taking care of the environment.

W: Ok, Idle Race will have to do. That will be our band for the concert.

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