The Strawberry Field

Woodleaf: Macy, I have decided the Strawberry Field In Asylum, California is a much better place for the Mason Concert then inside the city of San Francisco. The witches from the bureau of bad behavior were blamed for some murders there.

It’s basically a field, like Woodstock. It’s a great place for a concert. The Four Fruits are apple for red, but if we change the red apple to red strawberry, I believe the Four Fruits could be forced to pick up the tab for the concert which will, of course, be free to the public. I will then work the crowd and hand out coupons for a free vacation stay at Castle Fluffy Clouds to only the most attractive people. In this way, I can repopulate Castle Fluffy Clouds, as soon as I am able to get rid that homeless alien who has kicked everyone out of my Castle.

Macy: smiles weakly, “Yes, of course, a very good plan. But how can we get Manson there?”

Woodleaf: That is still to be determined. The Mexicans are refusing the dig the tunnel without pay, and we don’t have any cash flow to pay them. You and the Girl Reporter need to go there and check it out. Tell GR that she needs to write an online article on some small donkeys that live there.

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