The Strawberry Field

Woodleaf: Macy, I have decided the Strawberry Field In Asylum, California is better place for the Mason Concert than the city of San Francisco. It’s too hard to park in San Francisco, and there are not enough white people there.

The Four Fruits are apple for red, but if we change the red apple to red strawberry, I believe the Four Fruits could be forced to pick up the tab for the concert which will, of course, be free to the public. I will then work the crowd and hand out coupons for a free vacation stay at Castle Fluffy Clouds to only the most attractive people.  I can repopulate Castle Fluffy Clouds with only good looking people, as soon as I am able to get rid that (soon to be homeless) alien, your ex boss at the Organization. He opened the doors, and let everyone leave Castle Fluffy Clouds.

Macy: smiles weakly, “Yes, of course, a very good plan. But how can we get Manson there?”

Woodleaf: That is still to be determined. The Mexicans are refusing the dig the tunnel without pay, and we don’t have any cash flow to pay them. You and the Girl Reporter need to go there out to the strawberry field. Tell the Girl Reporter that she needs to write an online article on some miniature donkeys that live there.

Flyers to promote Castle Fluffy Clouds

Woodleaf decided that cutting the flyers (coupons for discounted vacations) into quarters was still too big. He wanted them cut again to be half the size making them eights, and then he thought the eights were big, so he ordered the size reduced by half again making them sixteenths. But, no one saw past the letterhead he was using. People got so upset by his letterhead, that they failed to read the information about the Event he was promoting.

When he got a poor response, he decided to stop using flyers at all. There would be a better way to promote Castle Fluffy Clouds, then to hand out flyers or have them be placed in various locations such as the Bookstore on Westportal with the Dreamachine Display that ran 24/7.

Unbeknownst to Woodleaf the inmates of Fluffy Clouds were trying to slip hidden messages into the flyers in a vain attempt to communicate with the outside world and hope for rescue. The message is “Help Me”. They wrote Help Me hidden on Woodleaf’s Letterhead, so when his letters were printed out the message was hidden in the small black and white drawing. They added it to the opera recordings that Woodleaf appropriated as his own compositions, such as this one below.

They also placed the message inside the sheet music for Woodleaf’s  musical number called 55 Minutes. The sheet music read “improvise for 55 minutes” because Woodleaf could not write or read music, nor could he play any musical instruments other than the xylophone, which he played off beat. The message Help Me became known under the code name The Message.

The number 55 was significant because Angela Raiola, Kate Spade, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Oswald Spengler all died at age 55. But, more importantly age 55 was the soonest one could moving into a senior adult retirement community or senior mobile home park. Woodleaf is himself 55 at the time of writing this in 2019.

Follow Up
Years Later Charles Manson passed away without ever doing a concert

Woodleaf: A reporter who interviewed me committed suicide.

Girl Reporter: That is a terrible story. Why?

W: He was depressed. I wrote piece about him as a eulogy on Facebook. In his eulogy  said I wanted to pretend to be in a wheelchair, because I had dropped a funeral casket on my foot while serving as a pall bearer at funeral, but that is not what he wrote in his article. He said of my twisted foot, (which was only holding in a twisted way), there was nothing wrong with me. I was pretending to have Cerebral palsy. Naturally if my foot was crushed it would have been in a cast, but I held it a sideways angle as if I had Cerebral palsy. The story was supposed to be about the Dreamachine.

GR: Terrible! This is all terrible. What was the point in doing that, if any? (The Reporter did not want to offend people with Cerebral palsy bringing about an abrupt end to his career and reputation.) How is this promoting the Dreamachine in a positive light?

W: The funeral was supposed to be for my father who was not dead at the time. Naturally my family became very upset. If that was not enough, I mentioned the name “Hitler” over and over like I was name dropping it. They died of shame! I thought it was very funny, but no one else could see my humor and most likely they did not laugh.  I was with my friend John Money for Nothing, and an old man I had befriended who was part ruse.

GR: What does Hitler have to do with the Dreamachine?  This is what leads to such doubt amongest reporters. We like to get the facts and not have worry that the facts are wrong and spend hours double checking them. Interviewing you means we have to double check every fact, and we are too busy. In the process of fact checking we look for supporting evidence like photos videos and documents. But I still like interviewing you and I will continue.  Sadly, this reminds me of my mother’s forgotten vacation.

W: That sound interesting. Tell me about that.

GR: My mother took a vacation to Italy. At least she told me that, and I am half Italian. But, she did not take any photos and if she took any notes, they were accidentally all thrown away. Later when she lost her memory, she claimed she had not taken the vacation. I was the only one who remembered the vacation, but 20 years later, I was not able to prove anything. I did not know where she had stayed. Was in near Rome or elsewhere such a smaller town? She said she has done something like an Air B and B, before the time of Air B and B. She rented a house for a month. Her passport may have had some details, but that was also lost. In the interest of house cleaning all traces were lost, and this was in Pre-Internet times so there was no way to have electronic data stored such as GPS locations. If there is no record of something it did not happen. How many events happened in our parents lives that we don’t know about or have any records of? How many events in our grandparents lives were not told to our parents and if they were they never wrote them down, and the farther back in time one goes the less we know. Who can say if Lucrezia Borgia the Italian Nobel Woman was really beautiful as she was shown in paintings or if those painting were created to make her look better then she really was?

W: There is no way to really know anything. So many things are unsure like Kurt Cobian’s suicide.

GR: It’s best to leave elaborate notes and letter for our families. I have quite a bit of notes if something should happen to me. Another reporter can pick up where I left off.

W: Speaking of which how are the miniature donkeys progressing? Did you get enough to write an article about them?

GR: No not really. There are three of them. One is mostly white was big black spots, one is medium brown, and one is mostly white. But I don’t have any photos so I can’t really say, but I am still working on that story.

painted donkey
This Donkey representation is similar in size but not the same Donkey


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