My impassioned review of Twin Peaks, The Revival

Spoilers up to Episode 10

I was the biggest Twin Peaks Fan, but after suffering through 10 episodes of Twin Peaks, The Revival, this may be the worse TV ever made in the history of TV. Watching it is like a punishment. The Show is about a guy named Dougie Jones who is “retarded” not sure what is really going on, with Dougie, but it seems like David Lynch made the “Dougie Show” as some kind of revenge against his fans. I let my Showtime subscription lapse, after the first 10 episodes. The violence is directed mostly at women and children. A child is run over for no reason, for example, and women is beaten to death.

Dougie is the retarded hero of the show. He used to be Agent Cooper, the hero of the original Twin Peaks. I have zero interest in Dougie or his wife or son. Even the son, Sonny Jim, has no personality and does not raise any complaint that his father is now retarded. The sex scene with Dougie and his wife would be rape if the roles were reversed as people on Twitter pointed out. Viewing of the sex scene will make it impossible to have sex with your partner. It could used as birth control.

Laura Dern plays a woman (Diana) who does nothing but swear, and has no personality or any qualities that would make someone care about her. The character, Albert Rosen says, the Diana has “a stable of male admirers”. This statement in itself just adds to the offensive of the whole thing. Lynch is justifying all of this violence against women by having unpleasant female characters. Diana is not a strong woman or a positive role model, but a one dimensional character, like most of the characters in the new Twin Peaks.

I don’t care about any of the characters or what happens to them, other then Lucy and Andy and they are only used very rarely. Audrey, my favorite character, who was born the same year I was, is not used in the series.

If I had to say, what is the plot, it is that Dougie has several factions trying to kill him, such as the Mob, and the bosses of a casino and some super natural things as well. Dougie is so retarded that he only repeats back the last words anyone says to him, but no one on the show realizes that this is abnormal. I have known people with actually brain damage who are geniuses compared to Dougie. I just can’t see how Dougie is going to be tested against these foes in his current condition. It would be like a banana slug vs a great white shark. The slug will lie down and get eaten.

I don’t know why Kyle MacLachlan agreed to do this show, and I am worried it is going be a career killer. He is an innocent victim of Lynch, who I now think is an evil man obsessed with violence who puts on a front pretending to be a peaceful Zen Buddhist who is always meditating. I really feel horrible for Kyle MacLachlan. I hope fans don’t blame him for this, the way Scott Bakula was blamed for the demise of Star Trek in 2005. Since then they have brought back Star Trek with movies, but the low ratings of the last Star Trek series were said to have caused the cancellation of all future Star Trek TV Shows.

Note: I know the word retarded is out of vogue, but one can’t say that Dougie is developmentally delayed and I can’t think of another word to describe Dougie other then retarded.

I liked Señorita Dido,(played by Joy Nash) the lady who was dressed on a lovely costume who sends Laura to the world. But, she just had one scene.

In other details and spoilers

Madeline Zima who plays Tracey Barberato, gets naked to have sex with her boyfriend, only to be hacked to death in the most horrible fashion.
Evil Cooper kills an attractive model girl for no reason at all. A grandmother is victimized by her grandson in a way that makes one think of the movie, A Clockwork Orange. A man is beaten up for letting Dougie win money at the Casino, which was not his fault. It goes on and on like this.

As for the rest of the series, I will just read the spoilers.

Updated: I found out that I am getting Showtime free for two years, but it’s not in high definition, because I live in Lake County. So, I was able to see episodes 11 and 12. As long as I don’t have to pay or support it anyway, I am still watching it.

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