fluffy clouds cat

This Fluffy White Cat is holding you, and will never let you go.

rolling over shapren autored


Macy: In Switzerland, there is a place, that is on a very high hill called Castle Fluffy Clouds. Macy made an unscheduled stop there and ended up staying overnight. The castle was owned by a group of ladies. People would come and stay a few nights and pay what they could. It was a flophouse. There were a lot of young people there, mostly students. They would just go to sleep anywhere like on the floor, and Macy had to pick her way carefully around them. The lay out was kind of narrow. The hill it was built on was narrow, and it three stories, and a lot of stairs. There was a woman in charge who was giving me a tour and telling me all about the place. They sold a special type of laundry detergent. It was flattened out like a paste and just a small amount was needed to wash clothes. I looked at all the different colors I was shown, to selection some to buy. They were all earth tones; browns, blacks, and off whites. I decided on some of the lighter and some of the darker shades to wash both dark and light clothes. I packed it up, and took it with me. I proceeded to try to find my next nights lodging, so I could take my flight  back to California. But, I could not find it, and ended up going in a loop and ending up back at Castle Fluffy Clouds, which was a very nice place to stay. I wanted to stay, but things had changed. The women expressed their dissatisfaction, and they wanted me to buy Castle Fluffy Clouds. They said I could have a mortgage that would only cost me $20 dollars a month, but I was concerned about what type of repairs the place might need. I did not know the total selling price of the castle. I assume, I was to assume their mortgage. How could I manage the castle if I did not stay there full-time? I had to get back to California for business reasons. I hemmed and hawed about signing the contract to buy Castle Fluffy Clouds. My cat, Princess Fluffy, woke me from my dream.

End Dream

Notes on Castle Fluffy Clouds

Because Macy would not or could not buy Castle Fluffy Clouds, it fell into the hands of Woodleaf.

Mortgages may be set in sets of 20s, 20 dollars, 200 dollars or 2000 dollars. For example David the alien claimed his mortgage was set at 200 dollars a month. We don’t know how it failed to pay it. Macy’s mortgage is set at 2000 dollars per month, but Woodleaf’s was set at only 20 dollars because the Castle is old and needs a lot of upkeep.

Eventually, Woodleaf decided Castle Fluffy clouds would be a place that was more fitting (than Nueva Germania) with his expensive tastes. Posing as Mr. Bottle, he lured people in. Even Woodleaf could afford the 20 dollars a month mortgage. But due to a lack of population, he decided to that he would post that the people who lived in Castle Fluffy Clouds lived in a private wing away from the prying eyes of tourists.  Similar to Jeffrey Dahmer he did not want people to leave. He noticed when they were just being polite to him and were thinking about leaving. It would be impolite for them to leave.

“I hate people when they’re not polite” song “Psycho Killer” by the Talking Heads, is often played in the at Castle Fluffy Clouds over large speakers. The people are afraid to leave. Woodleaf is extremely touching and the slightest little thing can send him into a rage.

Woodleaf wanted Macy to be in charge of Castle Fluffy Clouds Flyers. Woodleaf hands out the flyers, himself, at events in major cities such as New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle in which he enjoys circulating the crowd, and making small talk with the event goers.

The Flyers are smaller than a piece of binder paper, but bigger than a business card. Each one is about a fourth of the size of a sheet of binder paper. It is possible to print the flyers as if they are four images and then cut the paper into four pieces.

Macy wants to know Woodleaf has neglected to update The Castle Fluffy Website since 2016. Woodleaf tells her he lost his log in credentials.

older castle
Castle Fluffy Clouds is a ruined Castle

The Castle after the planned renovation.







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