The Fruit Hat Concert

Chess Master is at home doing nothing, when he hears the doorbell ring. “Look out the window, that is sure to be someone you won’t like.” says Little Bear. Chess Master looks out the window and sees David Belfry, and instantly feels such a deep loathing that it seems to sink into the very pours of his entire being. He does nothing, and hopes this man will go away, and then the phone rings. The man is calling him on his cell from outside, so Chess Master doesn’t answer. But, the man keep waiting, ringing the doorbell, knocking and sometimes calling out “Hello there, I’m from the Organization.” Chess Master hates the Organization more passionately then he has ever hated anything, even this man whom he hates more than words can even express. He finds an old flyer, and scrawls the words, “I Hate You. Go Away”. He pushes the paper under the door. The David picks up the paper and reads, it. Then he writes a note of the other side of the paper, and sends it back under the door, the note reads. “Something awful will happen to Bee Girl, open up.” Reluctantly, Chess Master opens the door, and the man starts explaining they have to go to a concert, and they will take his car parked outside. But, everything the man is saying sounds like it’s coming from a wind tunnel. Chess Master nods his head OK, and they walk to the car. As they drive toward Van Ness Avenue, Belfry is chatting away about the concert, and how Count Lester is going to murder the Fruit Hat Woman live on stage.

Chess Master falls into a gloomy silence once again.

They is never any parking is San Francisco, so they have the car valet parked.

The take their seats, they sit in silence, and the concert begins.


Chess Master decides to tune out the concert by going over his favorite Chess moves in his mind.

Then he notices a creepy shadow in the balcony moving towards the stage. Count Lester is shaping shifting his way closer and closer to the stage, assuming first the form of a seat, and then next seat, but making his way ever closer.

Chess Master is alarmed, so he asks Agent M’s Boss, what to do.

“Nothing,” he replies, “We are only here to watch and confirm that she has died.”

The shadow is creeping slowly, and yet relentlessly toward the stage. Now, the shadow is moving across the stage getting closer, but no one else seemed to notice. They appear to be hypnotized by the music. Only Chess Master is immune, because he has being going over Chess Moves, and not listening to the concert.

Slowly the twisted figure of Count Lester begins to take shape moving ever close to the Fruit Hat Woman who is completely unaware of her imminent demise. Chess Master rushes for the stage, but it is too late. The lights go out and there is screaming and panic. The security team tackles Chess Master. The Fruit Hat Woman lies dead. Count Lester is gone. Chess Master was arrested for her murder, in spite of the fact, no one has actually seen him kill her.

“Ok, let us go over this one more time.” Chess Master has been interrogated for hours.

“You say, a man, who’s name you don’t know, forced you to come to concert by threatening your girlfriend, Bee Girl?” one of the men is asking him.

“Do you mean Bee Girl, the Queen of Public Access?”

“Yes,” Chess Master replies, he is very tired.

“She’s not in prison, I see her on TV every week.”

“Those are all reruns”, Chess Master explains. “They run those shows to make it look like she’s still around. Bee Girl became dangerously obsessed with a cartoon artist. She talked about it on her show. I can see you don’t believe me.” Chess Master realizes it’s pointless talking to these goons. But, they won’t stop asking him questions.

“What was his name?

“John Lassen.”

“John Lassen was killed when his car went off Devil’s Slide. It was an accident, everyone knows that.”

Chess Master says nothing.

They seem to be playing Good Cop Bad Cop, and now the Bad Cop is threatening to beat the truth out of him, if he doesn’t confess.”

“I want to see a lawyer.” Chess Master mumbles weakly, but he knows somehow it’s too late.

He tries to turn off his mind.



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