Macy image maker

When Macy was about 10, she looked at herself and did not like what she saw. She was unacceptably ugly, fat, and unloveable. So, the only way to feel better was to remake her image and be someone slim, and glamorous. She decided to make a career of helping people shed unattractive images. When she say people at random, she would often think about changes they could make such as make overs. When Macy aged, she was not able to hold on to this image of glamour. Her face, her hair her body, even her voice was no longer attractive and it would be best if she was never seen again by anyone who might judge her. People would come up to her and ask her if she was Jewish, she could never forget or forgive some of the people who insulted her. She did not have any problems with people who were Jewish. She has Jewish Friends. She had a Jewish Friend who was tall and glamour with beautiful blond hair. No one ever thought her friend was Jewish. Just the idea that random strangers may at any time ask her the Jewish Question was too upsetting. Eva and Ava worked on semi retard Frank to give her a hard time, and she did not forget this. When ever she was unlucky enough to see Frank, she pretended that he did not exist.

Macy: “I have accepted Christ into my life, and yet I am constantly insulted.”

Many Jewish people she knew were very intelligent, beautiful, high achievers, a few were not.  But, to closed-minded people they only judged by her appearance. I hate people like that decided Macy. When Macy met a Jewish person she tried to very nice to them.

Macy: “Death where is thy sting? To continue like this without being someone else is impossible.”



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