Cracky Contracts Leprosy

Parrot Leprosy


When Woodleaf was holding G and her daughters hostage in Canada, he forced them to sing a song about “Beautiful Kimjongilia”, which in case you did not know is a Begonia Bulb this cultivar was created….

We don’t really care, go look it up, the point being, it looks like any other red or orange red begonia.

Meaningless chatter about the meaning of life.

“Woodleaf put the song on You Tube, but no one could figure out what and what was the point of the song and the whole begonia issue? Was it to forced young girls to sing an objectionable song? The objection to the song is to grow an ornamental flower when people are starving is wasteful and decadent. One can only imagine that Woodleaf told the girls not to become fat, sloppy cows like their mother. Nothing can stop aging, is it not better to enjoy life if possible, when it is possible, provided one is not living in a place like North Korea.? One needs a reference to tell, how bad things are for any given person, compared to how bad things could be.“

Macy: “Boring, stop that. There is no meaning. ”
Here is one:

Girl Reporter: “Oh, it looks really sad.”

Macy: “Yes it is very sad. It is sad, that nothing changes.”

It looks just like the Kimjongilia one, who is to say, that they is any difference. One can just past off anyone. Maybe sell them by mail order?
Planet Manson is speculating, why target Terry Melcher, when Manson’s career was on the upswing? Just because Terry Melcher stood Manson up and likely because Manson made him afraid. If Terry Melcher had gone to the Ranch and said, No, they could of just killed him on the spot. So, can Terry Melcher be blamed for Sharon Tate’s death?

David Secret last name has argued that Terry Melcher was not the end of Manson’s musical career. Therefore, why kill people in the house he used to live in? To ask why, assumes the Manson was thinking rationally at the time.

One has to question, was Mason’s career on the upswing or the downswing?

A series of premises is set up, ending with if things were going so well, why kill people at Terry Melcher former rental unit? Assuming Manson was being reasonable.

Why that house and not another house? Maybe the house was there, he knew Sharon Tate was there, as he had seen her. Then David wrote that maybe he had not been to the house. Again maybe it was just random chance? “Why not just kill the Beach Boys,” speculates David.

Macy: “The Beach Boys had some kind of security system in place. But why kill anyone to help your musical career?”

He was looking for a house, any house, to start Helter Skelter, why that house? What are the odds?

How are your alarm systems working? Does everyone reading have one set up to prevent any entry into your house? Everyone should consider if they have a ranch house. What happened to Jon Benet Ramsey? Where was the alarm system at her house?

David says, “Helter Skelter, is not the reason either. It is pretty easy to see Helter Skelter as something silly and made up. Terry Melcher former house was to be the first house? That is just about the only thing that does make sense. If you are going to kill someone why not kill someone in someway connected to someone you don’t like, then just someone at random. The next night they picked someone at random.

Macy: “Take an cracker jack prize, and give that away. Any object if one gives it meaning can be used as a symbol of hope.”

Woodleaf: “I am not a gardener, so I never grew the bulbs. I just wanted to write about them. I am a writer, but also a conductor and a composer, and a businessman.”

Cracky: “Woodleaf has given me Leprosy. I wrote a book about it.”

Girl Reporter: “But, why?”

Cracky: “Nobody wants to be involved, they run away, as if from Leprosy.”

GR: “But, why? Make us understand! Woodleaf had a perfectly nice life, then he went crazy, starting with the Timothy McVeigh incident.”

Macy tried to look past it, and put a good spin on it.

Macy: “The Tim McVeigh incident was over, and I hoped we could move past it. Maybe we could but then came the North Korea incident, the Nueva Germania incident and the Ernst Zündel incident. Anything that people did not like that is what Woodleaf wanted to be and do.

GR: “Why, Macy?”

Macy: “Media Reps try to put good spins on things.”

GR: “But, why did Woodleaf throw away a good life?”

Macy: “It was not like I told Woodleaf what to do. I hoped if I remained neutral and did not argue for one thing or another, that he would see the light for himself. He would realize that he could move past it, but instead, not for me the lack of suggesting, he ended up going deeper into the Well of things that people don’t like, until he gave his parrot leprosy. Everyone else was just like that is it, just kill me now. I can’t be held responsible.”

GR: “Everyone works so hard for a good life, and then to throw it away, why?”

Macy “Clearly, that life was not really so good for him. Why did Burroughs shot his wife? Maybe she was a burden he did not want any longer?”

Ann: “Oh look, Cracky has finished his book. I can’t wait to read it.”

Little does Ann know, that a special surprise is in store for her in the pages of the book, and it’s not a good one.

Ann: “The book said, that if Manson had not ordered all those people killed, he would be considered an edgier Bob Dylan. Manson like Bob Dylan, is one simple man with a guitar singing folk songs, but Manson never got the chance to refine his material write new material because the prison sentence.  He could be up on stage at oldies concerts celebrating 50 years of the summer of love, singing his songs, and people would love them.

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