Macy to Woodleaf

“You could have been there, helping me, but you focused on things that were not even real at the time. These things were delusions. Today, I think upon all the lost time, and all of the lost opportunities. Lost time that can never be made up. Planet Juniper, nothing came of it. It was shut down, what was the point? Life passes you by.  What about the free concerts near the ice skating rink, that happened all summer for years. The free opera. Lani attended, and you did not because you were focused on your parrot, Cracky. Whatever weird thing you wanted to do with Cracky was more important then having friends and being friends. Now you are still focused on Cracky who is not a very remarkable bird. He is not famous, he is obscure. Will you ever stop this? I guess not. You would not be you if you did something reasonable. Why not just focus on art and writing like Allen did? This Parrot will not lead you to anything positive. Things have been bad since 2011. The tide will not turn. Just write down everything you are feeling right now and post it!”Julialook

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