Have your people call

Macy and Woodleaf wanted to talk to each other, but they don’t want to talk to each other. Have your fake person call my fake person. Each having invented fake people, the fake people could chat freely with each other until they delicately bring up the themselves, such as David would like to know (who is my facebook friend) or Macy wants to know why (not me, she who is my friend has a question) but she only relays this to me, so you can relay to that other fake person and eventually, they will communicate with each other.
Macy would say, oh no, I can’t chat with David, it would only fall apart when he began rant. David would say, he was too busy composing music to send to North Korea, to even bother to reply to anything Macy said, so each fake person, many layers removed, create persons and small clues lead back to the real people?
M: You made a fake person for your parrot who’s entire profile counts as fake, he’s only a parrot, he can’t type. That way someone will write to you and say, oh hello, and you will inadvertently fall into conversation with this person then at some point you will reveal yourself or not. Now the parrot even has second tier fake people, give them friends which become third tier people and families and lovers. The art of advanced fakeness. How many tiers deep more then three, then four?
W: I am really one of the first tier fake people, the ones whom I have worked on for years to be my supporters, such as the Charles Mason guy. My creating another fake person to profile him for an online magazine, proves he is real.
M: This is a really deep delusion, that it is going to work out. Has it ever worked out? When you reveal yourself, do they ever embrace the real you?
Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of ….
W: This time it will work out!
M: Yes, know this posting and name dropping will cause the people to write to you and say, oh cut it out, stop posting my photos online and my videos and pretending that we are some sort of large company called Planet Juniper or what ever the current thing is that you are now promoting. But, that never happens either. If you can figure out who my fake people are write them, and they will write if you if they are not too busy at that time, I mean if I am not too busy to log in as them. At some other distance time in a parallel universe or inside an orgone accumulator will can have a real conversation.

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