Macy was getting a lot of writing done without demonic interruptions

G had a large family. How many dolls did they have? What were their names? In G’s infamous story “My Story”, these questions are asked. Woodleaf made up the whole thing himself. He found it difficult to write as he thought a stupid person would write. Especially when he was so stoned. Now they have all disappeared. But, don’t worry Press Heidi Many Hates was on the case. She was not buying Woodleaf’s story that no one was missing because these people were all fake.g

HH: Tell me Woodleaf, how did this all start?

WL: It all began when no one would leave positive comments on my sites at my many sites like Planet Juniper and Nueva Germania. They kept calling me Nazi and even worse, Trump Supporter. When I kicked them all off, there were no comments so I began write my own fake comments. By and by, they wanted everyone to have an online profile, so I got to work creating fake people. My favorites were wives and girlfriends.

HH: How many fake wives do you have?

WL: I think seven, no maybe six, or eleven. I lost count. Are you counting just wives? Then that’s six wives and many more girlfriends.

Veronica Dare, was the girl who ended up dead in a hot tub. Dr. Evil called me up. He was very upset. He kept murmuring “Fatty Arbuckle,” and No Way.”

“Woodleaf,” he said to me, “Get down here to the Castle with your strongest body dissolving acid.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about,”  I said, coyly.

HH: But, what about the disappeared family?

WL: They never existed in the first place. Photoshopped No crime was ever committed, we can all go home and eat cheese.

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