The boyfriend was Black Irish

John Brady was a boyfriend of Burroughs who lived with him in 1972. He had a drinking problem. When Burroughs moved to New York he basically abandoned Johnny as he was called. Burroughs wanted Brady to move to New York with him and become a police officer and self-supporting. But, Brady did not come for whatever reason. I don’t know if Burroughs never sent him a ticket or he was supposed to use his own funds. Brady supported himself by stealing things from men whom he picked up. I have very little information on John Brady and most of it is from the book Call Me Burroughs: A Life.

So with Burroughs in American Brady continued to ask him and Burroughs friends for money to support his drinking, as he felt he could continue with drinking. Eventually Burroughs became sick of it. He wanted Brady to work and be self-supporting, so he told his friend to stop giving Brady money. After that he lost track of Brady. But, he thought of him still adding him to some of his fictional stories.

Girl Reporter: Macy, that is an interesting story. Tell us more about how it makes you feel.

Macy: The story of John Brady and of Lewis Marker, and to a certain lesser degree Kiki, have inspired me. Lauren McCabe is the pen name I choose for this Blog. Lauren was Irish had red hair, was my best friend and she is lost. For some reason, if Lauren is not dead, I would like to see her again. I feel that in the 70s when Lauren and I were friends we shared many special moments of true friendship, that would now comfort us in our old age.

jpeg from the word virus

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