Woodleaf shoots Apple


Woodleaf shoots an Apple

Woodleaf shoots Apple off his wife’s head, not his real wife Ann, but his imaginary wife he created, and then uploaded to Wikipedia. I knew he was waiting for the right time to upload her to Wikipedia. Woodleaf thinks he can do anything Burroughs did, and if he does it will be brilliant. If he the hits her head with the bullet, she is just imaginary. He even created fake imaginary parents for her. But, not a thing proves anything. He buys website domains, upload his fake information then cites them for Wikipedia.

She can’t be real because no one could stand having him around for any period of time. Which is why he had to create the fake Billy Joel concert to trap in his new friends, fans and followers, who are only agreeing with him because they have stuck inside Castle Fluffy Clouds where he is holding them prisoner.



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