Veronica Dare

Prologue: When one searches for white castle one finds only sites about a hamburger chain. Castle Fluffy Clouds is not so much a white castle as a place where only white people are allowed.

Woodleaf: There was once an Asian Person allowed inside Castle Fluffy Clouds. Her name was Veronica Dare.  I allowed her to remain and her photo to be included on the website. She can have green or blue eyes by using colored contacts.  I photoshopped her a lot to make her look younger. She loved the way I photoshopped her. Her admiration for me and mine for her, caused us to get married on impulse. Marry in haste, regret at leisure, and so it was for us.

I thought, since Nietzsche has a sister, I should have a sister. As you know, there has been a book about Nietzsche and his sister. So, I made up an imaginary sister and placed her just one block over from Macy’s rental house.

Cracky: Book!

Woodleaf: That is right, Cracky, book. You are such a smart parrot and such a good boy.

Ann: I think Cracky wants to write a book.

Woodleaf: That’s impossible! Cracky can’t write a book.

Ann: He can hold a pencil or a pen in his foot. I think we should leave him alone with pencils and pens that he can hold in his claw and some paper, and see if he can write a book.

Woodleaf: If we leave him alone with the computer, he can type out of a book using his beak one key at a time! A brilliant idea, Ann. We will see what kind of book Cracky writes for us. I, myself, am in the processing of writing a book, and the working title is “I Wished I was a Pigeon.”

Later, it was shown that Woodleaf may of really had a sister, but they were not on speaking terms.

“I do have a sister,” Woodleaf suggests.

He tells so many lies he can’t keep them straight.

“What happened to her,” asks Macy?

“She was a cleaver and enterprising woman. She moved to Greece after she married a wealthy Greek Tycoon. In Greece, she proceeded to buy up as many Bibibo Dolls as she could find in the stores. Then she had the factory that made the dolls burn down so the price of the Bibibo dolls would go up. Once the dolls were rare she sold them on Ebay.”

Burning plastic dolls most of have been terrible for the environment, thinks Macy.

“Why did she need the money if her husband was so rich?” Macy asks.

“Her spending rate was very high,” Woodleaf turns his hand over and inspects his nails.

Lauren’s Note: Her name was not really Veronica Dare. I changed the character’s name from something else. I was inspired by the Virginia Dare Winery, Veronica Dean from the TV Show Archer, and the name Virginia Rappe.

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