Veronica Dare

Prologue: When one searches for White Castle one finds only sites about a hamburger chain. Castle Fluffy Clouds is not so much a white castle as a place where only white people are allowed.

Woodleaf: There was once an Asian Person allowed inside Castle Fluffy Clouds. Her name was Veronica Dare.  I allowed her to remain and her photo to be included on the website. She can have green or blue eyes by using colored contacts.  I photoshopped her a lot to make her look younger. She loved the way I photoshopped her. Her admiration for me and mine for her, caused us to get married on impulse. Marry in haste, regret at leisure, and so it was for us.

Cracky: Book!

Woodleaf: That is right, Cracky, book. You are such a smart parrot and such a good boy.

Ann: I think Cracky wants to write a book.

Woodleaf: That’s impossible! Cracky can’t write a book.

Ann: He can hold a pencil or a pen in his foot. I think we should leave him alone with pencils and pens that he can hold in his claw and some paper, and see if he can write a book.

Woodleaf: If we leave him alone with the computer, he can type out of a book using his beak one key at a time! A brilliant idea, Ann. We will see what kind of book Cracky writes for us. I, myself, am in the processing of writing a book, and the working title is “I Wished I were a Pigeon.”


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